The preparations for the march of the Public?

September 27 exclusively for members of Grodno regional organization of the United civilian parties received 21 rejection of the Executive Committee — specifically as they filed applications for holding pickets against the abolition of social benefits.
Belarusian independent trade union "Grodno Nitrogen" filed an application for October 2 rally against the new law "On Professor Pension Insurance." Says the chairman of the primary organization Sergei Antusevich:
"In practice, this deprivation of pensions of people who worked in hazardous criteria. Today it is 300 thousand rubles, means by Belarusian standards considerable. Especially since, they honestly earned legitimately laid in harmful health criteria. For these reasons, and were going to the opening session of the day to arrange a picket. But the authorities have something really scared, afraid. "
Supposed to hold a picket near the Regional Council of Trade Unions, which is a pedestrian street Russian. Yesterday Sergey Antusevich was summoned to the police station, where he was forced to sign a written warning:
"As I have shown a copy of the City Council, we have been denied since this place is not indicated in the midst of those that can be carried out mass actions. On Actually of weird situation, as before, when we applied for the pickets, in 99% of cases there were failures, and in most cases, specifically for these reasons. But have never been to the police summons and official protocols Presentation caution in the case of the picket. Such an impression that really very scared and police chiefs, and Ispolkomovskaya. "
City officials Novapolatsk also not allowed to hold a similar rally against the adoption of the Law on Pension Insurance Prof. independent trade union "Polimir." At the same time, president of the primary Ivan Svyatokho not once summoned to the executive committee and warned that his union would understand the fate of the Free Trade Union Novopolotsk CHP plant, where 2004 Followers were fired, and the majority of union members under strong pressure were required to leave the company.
Curiously, all failures in different regions of Belarus have similar wording: "Nominated you place the picket does not go to the list of locations approved by executive committee."
Why did the authorities so fear sufficiently small pickets? Chairman of the Organizing Committee "Public march" Valery Ukhnalev expressed such a world:
"What now reads the official propaganda — this one. And the fact that now they say the people listening to the same official propaganda — is quite another. The authorities now — no top or along the ground, on the ground — not much any solid answer to the questions that people are asking now. Because they block from all sides, so that people could not say what they have grieved. "

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