This is the same as in the flat throw wall and sulk later that the neighbor comes to his wife …

Aleksander Jackiewicz, Vitebsk: "Good morning, Radio Freedom! Here somehow raised the eastern limits of Belarus. So where’s the order will be if this ignorant post tearing our selves, it seems to me, even with Chernomyrdin? It also thing to throw in the apartment wall and sulk later that the neighbor comes to a spouse or something else happens. In general, there is a forest, and cut down the oaks, and the river electro-fishing rods knock — no live fish in the Dvina! And he was still there on any tourists dream! What tourists go there in such savagery? How polluted the whole area near the towns of: Forests — everywhere! This can be seen not heard! He is there any for myself misty castles lives and makingsmiling in the state, not fussing and does not see. Thank you very much. "
Kurnevich Valery Borisov: "Of the 12 requirements of Belarus from the EU the most important thing — it is a free media-independent. There will be no violations of laws, democracy would uniformly and humanity. When freedom of speech certainly come true. And her fear of corrupt officials, offenders, murderers. But for the truth even need to pay the journalist life. His gave Anna Politkovskaya and Zavadsky. requirement for EU — not to punish for the truth — one of my main thoughts. "
Vladimir Zvernik: "Together with throughout the state I’m happy very successful performance women’s team at the European Championship in basketball. Third place — no words to express how it warms the heart. From that reason, almost all and predicts a successful outcome to so called the Small World Championship with 12 teams roles, which will replayed only 5 licenses to the Olympics in Beijing.
But I warn people hunt from early euphoria. My personal, over 30 years of experience in the national team of Belarus in swimming when I worked seven years as a head coach, as the experience of repetitive work in the national team Russian Union suggests another. Yes, always have great pleasure to experience more successful after his own team or individual athletes. But. When you come home, you feel like a squeezed lemon, a apustsenne in the shower and the decline of physical strength. The same feel and athletes. There is a condition where the peak was reached top form, and it is a natural, impartial, physiological factor of the human body, it is very reasonable and bio of mandatory.
The shape is achieved, and be destroyed. And for the purchase of a new peak shape need a big time and all you need to go from the start, albeit with a higher level state of the organism. So makarom, big win — it’s just a good excuse for more weighty work with virtually zero. I wish our young ladies even greater success, but given the above spoken. "

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