To strike businessmen arrived in Minsk city bureaucrats

Now entrepreneurs afternoon passed about a thousand signatures in the House of Representatives with its requirement to make out session on the development of business law.
Businessmen also oppose the presidential decree number 760, whereby on New Year’s individual entrepreneurs fail to hire workers (except family members and relatives).
In the first half of a day or entrepreneurs began to gather at the entrance to the mall "Parking".
According to one of the favorites Makaeva Ales, now is not working and radio market in the construction market "Zhdanovichy" part did not work, "World of Fashion" shopping malls "Europe", "Kupala" and "Parking".
To strike came head of business Mengaravykankamu Alexander Kalinowski. Such conversation took place:
Businessman: "Then came the case of entrepreneurs."
Kalinowski: "I understand how the case. Flyers for 2-weeks event distributed and prepared your meeting. I traveled three objects -" Dinamo "," Chervensky "," Aircraft ", everywhere people work all relaxed. Phoned — here people gathered here. "
Businessman: "Discussion is not necessary. You just tell that people continue to do? People expect something decent …"
Kalinowski: "What are you — expect me to take yes cancel the decree number 760? I have no such power. I will send all documents to your questions in the name of the same Kobyakova. These questions we will solve together in government.
Minsk City Council this position — should all work. Question what? Complete delivery in Republic of Belarus unclear which products without documents — and everything. "
Businessman: "We wish to pay" customs clearance "taxes, we wish to sleep relaxed. We wish to work honestly. But do we need such conditions. For all similar. We sit down and think — there is pay, pay here, we will not have any income. No-I-ka-th. "
Businessman: "We have a turnover — a penny!"
Businessman: "We have limited 3-salaried persons!"
Kalinowski: "Speed penny! A 130 euros per square meter pays rent only — normally. Is this normal? I’ve hear about your pennies and see that the" Merc "go and buy an apartment, neuzh I do not see it?"
Sovereign Kalinowski invited everyone to gather tomorrow in an urban center real estate and discuss all issues.
The shopping center "Parking" in Minsk police detained the 1st of the favorites of entrepreneurs’ movement Alyaksandr Makayeu. His and Ales Poklad taken to the police department Russian Interior Minsk.
Explained to police officers that Tipo rumors that businessmen are going to block the street. But such appeals were not, said the correspondent of "Freedom" Ales Macau.
After identification and gentlemen Makaeva Poklad released.
And by "parking" winged "paddy", were operational shooting.
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