U.Lyahovski: leftist BNR in 1918 had no chance

Shupe: When, under what criteria BNR could really happen? That the history had little to turn around the other side? What were the chances?
Lyakhovsky: In 1918, the Belarusian elite was very hard to achieve this goal of a number of circumstances. During the First World War had destroyed the economy. In refugee status has got more than 1.5 million people, 400 thousand of them have not returned to their homeland. About 800 thousand were mobilized into the Russian army, 100 thousand of them died in the First World War. Next it must be emphasized that not all political band formed Belarusian parties — only dominated the radical left, it also affected the implementation of this idea. And yet — there was not a favorite, who could rally the supporters of Belarusian independence. Reading at the moment writing Dovnar-Zapolskogo I immediately note that even he, unprofessional politician was head and shoulders above those of young activists who were at the creation of the Belarusian People’s Republic.
Shupe: You explained to background why BPR could not be realized. But were there any any chance? That was happen differently? If not internal, it may be external reasons?
Lyakhovsky: I — shy. I believe that the only chance — if it does not rewind time to 1918 and to 1914 mu. If Nicholas II listened Stolypin or Durnavo and was involved in the First World War. This would be the only chance — a variant of what was conceived Lutskevich, if Our homeland has evolved to the Federation of Myagenkaya scenario. Then would the mid 1920s, Belarus and Lithuania already had broad autonomy, would have its own diet. Next — the first global war. If it was not, there would be no second world war, there would be no Holocaust, there would not be, that the Belarusian economy and population that much affected by these wars and during the interwar period. Then to top the 30 would be held Belarusization, the newcomer would have formed the political elite and the descendants of Ivan and Luke» Solonevich she would have already told in the Belarusian and would not confess what they had practiced these figures.
Shupe: What stories from the history of more than you captured? What could be the basis of literary works?
Lyakhovsky: I am interested in the figure of Roman Skirmunt. If he had the opportunity to lead the cabinet — it was very pragmatic programm — and in agriculture, and education. I think that this person deserves great attention.
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