U.S. Undersecretary of Defense Procurement, Technology and Logistics Frank Kendall (Frank Kendall) expressed «cautious optimism» that the fighter F-35 «made quite progress in its development» and the Pentagon since 2015, may increase the rate of procurement reports now flightglobal.com.
«At the moment I can say that we can raise the rate of production as planned. The development comes close applets close to the planned pace, but few systems are lagging slightly behind schedule, but not dramatically, «said Kendall. Pentagon’s decision will be reflected in the president’s address economy in 2015. This means that in 2015 the Pentagon will buy 42 aircraft in 2016 — 62, in 2017 — 76 and 2018 — 100. Currently, the production rate of 29 vehicles per year, plus a few foreign clients.
Kendall admitted that the military budget is a problem, but the Pentagon will do everything possible to increment the rate of production. «F-35 is our priority system tools in ordinary weapons. In connection with this approach, we will do everything in our power to protect the program from cuts from «he said.
Head of defense procurement has also acknowledged that the F-35 is still a long way to go in development. Fighters performed only 40% of total planned flight tests must be completed much more aerodynamic and strength tests will last development and software testing and integration work tools. Development of the following block software behind schedule for 45 days, but «there is nothing dramatic that could derail the program,» said Kendall. «It’s too early to declare victory, but the programm is on the basis of more robust than it was two years back, but there are still a lot of risks,» summed up Kendall.
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