V.Gorbaciov: I avenge strikes company markets

According to the source, the other day he vorachivalsya train from Ukraine "Kyiv-Gomel" together with her daughter Anastasia, and her friends Pokhabov Nicholas, who is chairman of the Minsk branch of the Belarusian trade union of electronic industry.
"At the station Terehovo Belarusian customs officers began a search of our things — says Viktor Gorbachev, — some of them videotaped. Train was detained for half an hour. At the same time I was told, thereozhenniki make orders of superiors, they say, he povinet that "climb in politics, organized a strike in the markets on October 2."
Victor Gorbachev proves that during the search customs officers do not have found it illegal to transport things. But Anastasia took the laptop and printer.
"The belief that the computer equipment needed Anastasia carefully in her studies at the Institute of Design at the Faculty of Arts was disregarded, — says Victor Gorbachev — and instead of an official document on withdrawal of border guards were given some" act of sampling. "
• V.Gorbachev: "In the strike involved 30,000 businessmen", 02.10.2007

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