Vaclav Havel: Courage — the only way to success

Vaclav Havel often support acts Belarusian opposition and cultural elite. Recently "Euro march" on October 14, I asked him what he thinks about such forms of protest?
"There are, of course, a variety of methods and forms to express their position, as well as the situation in Belarus also approached, to a form of protest, and it is necessary. Role in these demonstrations multivalued. Detain people, etc.. But courage — this is the only way to success. "
In soon strengthened position in Russia’s current president, Moscow is a special information policy towards countries that are out of the impact of. I asked the former president of the Czech Republic, as, in his opinion, will develop policy in the against Belarus?
"I do not believe that Belarus could be integrated into Russia. Naturally, Our homeland will increase the effects. And besides, it will depend, as in Belarus will be protected from this and build equal work."
At the end of the conversation Vaclav Havel expressed wishes of the students of Liberty:
"I give them a hearty welcome. Was also an active listener of Radio Liberty. And wished them to officially Belarusian radio has become as free as Radio Liberty."

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