Viktor Lukashenko gather around young bureaucrats?

Which group surrounded Alexander Lukashenko has the best chance to seize more principled leadership positions? "Narodnaya Volya"Provides an analysis and forecast of the situation, made a political scientist Yuri Baronchykam. Creator does not preclude the arrival of the young generation of politicians and even names names.
"I believe that the main participants of the latest commands are Vladimir Mackay Natalia Pyatkevich Vladimir Matyushevsky, deputy chairman of the State Bank, and Vsevolod Yanchevskii Viktor Lukashenko. Specifically, this configuration of people rather young age, within the limits of 35-40 years, and appeared in the power, maybe will replace today’s leaders. Especially since you need to consider the resignation of Vladimir Konopleva. "
That may be consequence perfectly marked prazdnichka town? In Moscow whereupon measures to restrict the sale of alcoholic beverages, reports on the extraordinary initiative City Newspaper Item Courier Wine and vodka will not sell after 9 pm and before 8 am. So makarom through we decided to make the best of the criminal situation in the town. Experience will last until October 20. But editor Sergei Stankevich ranges that such Short-company will give a good result.
"In such drinks overpriced demand exists, and what stores are not trade in the evening, offering great grandmother. For small fat vodka all the same can be extracted. And then go into circulation and moonshine. "
Do believe the inhabitants of Brest official statements that the growth of fee "communal" to be small? What will save? Journalists Brest newspaper conducted a survey on the streets of the regional center. Expectations were distant from ordinary optimistic, says journalist Jeanne Sidoruk:
"It is believed that to save on transport unreal, unreal also save on food and clothes. Resent crosses under» volume prices for dairy products and butter, and they say that our country, where they gathered such a good collection of bread, to raise the price it absolutely can not. "

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