Vitebsk part fairs and shopping centers does not work

According to the chairman of the trade union business "Together" Ira Jaskiewicz, who also chairs the board of the shopping center business "EVIC" in Vitebsk not now employs about ninety percent of the business.

"Today, we can say, ninety percent do not work. Maybe a bit more or less — says Ira Yaskevich. — Buyers are asked why we do not work, but in most cases they do not ask anyone, they just closed on the blinds is written: "He left behind the product", "stock-taking", "Closed". Entrepreneurs hung signs saying that they just do not know how they will live in January next year. Most of the businessmen stayed home. "
Not counting Vitebsk, now part not working entrepreneurs Orsha and Lepel. The other day, they turned to their own administrations fairs and warned that October 2 will not go to work.
Part of this is explained to business profiles required: someone needs to specifically go shopping now, someone makes an urgent stocktaking. Because at some workplaces can see the ads "Closed due to technical reasons" and even "break 15 minutes," which continues the entire working day.
Two weeks back the Vitebsk tax inspectorate has extended a special appeal to business travelers. Inspectors urged entrepreneurs not take the role of in stocks. They were asked, and I quote, "relaxed work and pay taxes."
Entrepreneurs they say, that at the moment this is unrealistic, because they are now on strike.
Radio Liberty

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