Weekly film festivals from Maxim Zhbankova

If I uttered earlier that I would heartily shocked film about crooks — would never have believed. But the fact is that the German film "Falshyvamanetchyki" captures the very first frame to the end. Designate a genre movie Stephen Ruzavitskaga hard enough: this retro-drama with a taste of catastrophic Jewish humor. That looks the way, completely natural. After all the action takes place in a concentration camp Zaksengavzen where Jews recidivists near Jewish communists shall forge pounds and bucks for the needs of the Third Reich. Surprisingly, but a movie about torture camp completely devoid of pathos and political angazhavanastsi. This is a new approach to things: in the foreground, not conflict regimes and personal human choice. The protagonist — the best facilities in the world padrobnik Solomon Sarovits. He does not struggle with the regime. He rescued from ruin by your own team guys. After all, if there is sabotage — all are just destroy». Rogue Sarovits more humane for the Nazis and the Communists. For he knows for sure: the idea of death — is the most common option. But far not the best.
Main negative recollection — South American movie "Five unidentified." Five men wake up close together. First shot, the second is wired, third chained to the handrails … And nobody remembers who he is — the offender or a hostage. Directed by Simon Brand tried to tell us about the men’s showdown in a confined space. But that was before — it’s worth remembering for example, "Reservoir Dogs" Taratsiny. In the movie there is a notable moments, but the overall result is disappointing — no style, no drive.
And now — my personal choice this week. Another musical revelation. Luxury Parisian Jane Birkin almost all life sang what she wrote for Serge Geynsbur, the main man in her life. Later recorded a disc unique alliances with the elite world of pop music. And made this movie. Film "Rendezvous with Jane" is not a collection of clips and documentary about star life. Likely, notes that travelers singer who flies in search of inspiration between Paris and London. Fine, moody, touching.

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