What conditions are expected Andrei Klimov in Mozyr colony?

Yuri Barynkau policeman, Acting Head of the Department of Execution of Punishment, refused to speak to the correspondent of "Freedom", which sent an opposition politician.
But in a remand prison, where former deputy held more than six months, managed to get clear information regarding Klimova yesterday, October 10, he was sent to Mozyr colony serious mode.
Which policy criteria have to live 18 months?
Here’s what he said about Mozyr colony serious mode journalist Sergei L., which several years ago visited the colony as an employee of a local newspaper:
"Earlier there was dispensary for alcoholics. Colony is not in town and out of town. I beheld there creation — a sawmill and concrete creation. We were led into a room where approximately 20 people. Remember that prisoners complained about the lack of lawyers and legal assistance. "
Order in the colony seemed my interlocutor quite serious. By him, the terrain was all broken fences, with one sector to another walk forbidden.
The journalist also mentioned memories of the cooler — a special room, where they keep those who have violated internal discipline:
"They sit without daylight, only weak light. Darkly was. Even read there was unreal."
Favourite Grodno businessmen Valery Levonevsky, who served in Belarusian prisons two years on charges of defaming the President states that Mozyrskaya colony has a reputation for "not very hard".
"I do not understand, so there for the last years were mutinies prisoners or any emergencies, "- says Valery Levonevsky. According to him, the colony hold about 2.5 thousand prisoners, which are divided into 24 groups.
In the special department Mozyr colony told Andrei Klimov the colony has not brought. "The next" step "will be tomorrow, October 12," — said the policeman.

Recall last deputy Andrei Klimov already serving a third term. In the late 1990s, he was convicted under an economic crime, and he has served in jail for more than 3 years.
Many people in Belarus and the world believe that the penalty has been in retaliation for opposition activities of the former deputy.
Later, more than two years left on Andrei Klimov, "chemistry" in Krupki and Rechitsa area on charges of organizing an unsanctioned rally.
Released only politician in December 2006, and in April 2007, he was arrested. In This time Andrei Klimov was sentenced for anti-government article on the Web.

Tatyana Klimova: "The Tribunal held without Andrei", 3.10.2007 • Now a political prisoner Andrei Klimov day of birth, 17.09.2007

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