Why Belarusians do not write a novel of the twentieth century?

"Master worked in squalid konurke, so to speak, the apartment given to him of the CPC. Reminds him of this apartment camera in the bullpen, he was sitting in what in 1938. Mucky, haze, windows looking into the high walls of the black triangle." Live as a last pakidishcha "- lamented writer friends that asked him:" How are you? ". He himself came, we can say to the last frontier: aching heart, feet swollen knees. Naturally, in the bullpen put their health. Forces left it. A they were needed at least in order to use the stove, bring water, stealing firewood. According to another, you will not survive.
A Master needed not just to survive but to do that for which he was called to the Lord in this world. And he did — wrote obstinately, stubbornly, as well as one of his heroes Leopold swung wildly and patiently plowing stony pillar.
And finally came the day when the writer put the last point in the manuscript, designated date: November 22, 1944. And he said, "Thank God, Idid it. I fulfilled a vow "vzvyshentsa" — wrote a piece that will amaze century and peoples. Here it is — the novel of the twentieth century. "Dark did not know that he was half an hour to live."
Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: "That could be the last day classic of Belarusian literature Kuzma Chorny. And in fact, how was it?"
Peter Vasyuchenko: "Everything happened so practically almost all — the truth. Just did not finish Kuzma own novel Dark Ages. He put an end to diary entries, in which was located a cry of despair:" God, I write for my work! .. "
Rakytskyy: "Talent, genius Kuzma Chorny is not in doubt. Century But the novel — it’s very highest goal. Indeed there was able to fulfill her Kuzma Dark?"
Vasyuchenko: "In my opinion, Kuzma Dark was an artist, which was given by God beyond measure, and his drama was a drama, I would refer to the drama of incomplete fulfillment. If Kuzma Dark began to write, it seemed that in the literature came modernist writer, impressionist, writer, completely insightful literary innovations. turned out that he has a profound psychologist, a disciple and successor of Dostoevsky. His earliest works and a little later were real artistic discoveries. For example, the first novel of the intellectuals "Sister." His story " Lavon Bushmar "echoes the Albert Camus novel" party "because it is open" bio man ", although the writer did not know that. He thought and thought planetary. Evidenced and plan his novel" Milky Way "- to show the person next to Belarusian its European neighbors on the background of the second world war. Starting the product indicates that this novel Parabola: bull who strayed from the flock, and get lost in the woods, and people of different nationalities, who are hunting him. Unfortunately, the novel was left unfinished as and some other writer’s novels, such as "Come, come," or "Lofty day."
Rakytskyy: "Naturally, the bullpen, inhuman living conditions hampered Kuzma Black. But we know from the history of world literature, sometimes specifically the bullpen, poverty, terrible psychic experiences are just writing a huge engine works. So did vosprepyadstvovalo Kuzma Black perform their plans? "
Vasyuchenko ‘bullpen also was not for him the sanatorium. He writes that in 1938, under his nails driven needles, clubbed on the stone floor, screaming in his ears through the paper tube. Writer but still accompanied by the writer’s drama. He was enmeshed in social orders. It was necessary to write about the collective farm village. He wrote a work for the product, and not enough time. Entries And there is another entry of despair a couple of pieces here write to plug throat boobs and dog, and later’ll take that true, cherished. It was an illusion: the man thought to live forever, or at least a very long time, but life is not enough. "
Rakytskyy: "the first half of the twentieth century was a time when neighbors Belarusians Central European nations have learned really flourishing in the literary process. This was a time when many people have made their novels century epic novels. Who else, apart from Kuzma Dark on your eyes, he could write a novel Belarus, which would read the entire planet is? "
Vasyuchenko "Belarusian creators approached the writing of the novel itself first through the Chronicle. Maxim Gorki So close, having started" Komorowski chronicle. "But the village has come out of the literary life. Possible century novel moved increasingly into the city. Well, life is not enough for the same Gorecki to write a novel century. scale "in Polissya chronicle" conceived and Ivan Melezh. Again life is not enough. Yes breakdown of life in collective farms, which he depicted in the work, not quite up to those traits which has absorb century novel. And this is — an epic novel, which indicates the movement of life in its ceaseless flow, not only in separately taken a dramatic moment. Approached to write an epic novel mental Vaclav Lastouski that first century made his famous "Labyrinth" — a work that now can be associated with the works of Umberto Eco. "Labyrinth" became the prototype of a novel mental. Again, this work was left unfinished. Yakub Kolas also approached this idea in his poem "The newcomer earth." She was, of course, global creation. "Newcomer land" again demonstrated the same village life. But this work is half drowned in the nineteenth century because it manor literature. This is a continuation of works such as, for example, "Pan Tadeusz" by Adam Mickiewicz. And again, this is not a novel but a poem. "
Rakytskyy: "You say that specifically interfere with the establishment of the village epic novel. And I am reminded of the Estonian epic — novels Tamsaare where just scrapped reflected in the rustic life. Estonians did own novel of the twentieth century. So, in your opinion, the unique Belarusian accident or universal incidents of the past century have become a prerequisite that Belarusian novel emerged late and novel century Belarusians did not write? "
Vasyuchenko: "Indeed, the village as a display item does not interfere with writing an epic novel. But something else was missing Belarusian creators to make a century novel, which you rightly dubbed epic. Epic written on the basis of a malehankih action. For example, in some places Greeks fought at Troy Trojans. Later this is a myth — an event being consolidated, but that she vzbuynilasya, that grew epic, need a long time. Need, so to say, the surface of the historical and political life. Greeks had time to make your own epic. But such luxury historic Belarusians had no coats. In this sense, they are almost all unique. "
Rakytskyy: "I understand you, that never-ending war, repression, political configurations that learned Belarus, prevented the literary process. But in the twentieth century still had Belarus and periods when could take the time to think, to reflect. Mean Khrushchev’s thaw and Brezhnev’s stagnation. Is this, of course, sinful, and, certainly, measured pair did not give the writer a chance to calm the letter? "
Vasyuchenko "this public life Belarusians did not know and this time, already even as Belarusian schools were locked. And yet true — specifically at that time Vasil Bykov wrote his stories are very similar to rather short novels, which are also under certain conditions could become novels century. At the same time, wanted to see what life at that time was only measured outside. In fact it raged: all sorts of corn, the building of communism and the similar, as true hero of the play says Andrew Makayonok "Lyavonikha in orbit": where are you always chase me, let settle, look around. Constantly there is something new, and he wants to introduce a little, look — that will still be on?
Such tranquility Belarusians had then. "
Rakytskyy: "So, the primordial Belarusian movement, according to the formula given by another philosopher Abdiralovich Ignatius, like bars the way to the creation of the state of the epic."
Vasyuchenko: "want to see, that the novels of the twentieth century quite often are not accidents, but despite them. They not only reflect time, its era as it perastvarayuts resist her. And in this respect in the XXI century a century novel appearance Belarusian very possible. I am even ready to imagine that it will be a novel. This is a novel in which defect stability compensated stability inside the work. This is a novel about the present or future prosperous. If you wish, it will be a novel, a utopia. And it is possible that some of the XXI century master at the moment, this is just a minute, and finalizing such a work. "
Rakytskyy: "What would happen if, in the twentieth century that the Dark or someone from among those who were with him, did close to reality century novel?-What nibudt changed dramatically in going civilization or literary process?"
Vasyuchenko: "I foresee three options. 1st — novel would drowned in the inheritance Kuzma Chorny and would not be found, would be buried under a pile of manuscripts. 2nd option — if this work is, it divides the fate of" The Master and Margarita " , who once shook era did literary and political climate. third option — when it really changes the life of the product (as in a lot of literature than to recreate life) and makes the latest paradigm Belarusian existence. most, so to speak, grateful option if b soon as he did. "
"The Master was sitting in the attic cottages, once acquired by the Writers Alliance BSSR, not looking up from the laptop-beech. His fingers frantically banging on the keyboard, which seemed to be incandescent, would strip iron forge. Adjacent suburban feasted on: bawled songs, but Master that did not stop: "Here it is, the last point, delivered September 27, 2007 — the last point of the Belarusian novel XXI century."

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