World outraged forcible suppression of protests in M» yanme

Military Administration M» yanmy tool compresses peaceful protests going on the second week.
Closed center naikrupneyshgo country town Yangon (last name — Rangoon) and blocked all roads in the city. Local inhabitants of one hundred percent do not have access to the web. Security forces took five major Buddhist monasteries in the town, hundreds of monks arrested. Specifically Buddhist monks took the lead daily demonstrations against the military junta and its economic policies.
Now troops again opened fire against demonstrators in the streets of Yangon. But it did not stop the action — now out on the street about 2 Yangon thousand people. Police and troops again beating people with batons and arrested dozens.

Almost daily demonstrations in Burma in various towns last second week, the military junta began to accelerate them a day or two back. For this time killed least 13 people, including — Japanese journalist, whose death has confirmed embassy of the country of the rising sun in Yangon. Authorities confirmed nine deaths result crackdown.
Salting Australia in Yangon Bob Davis is now said that the number of killed even more.
Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), which comes and M» yanma (Burma), expressed his "disgust" at the violence in the country, which led to the massacre.
Nine ministers Foreign Affairs ASEAN countries issued a statement which announced salting Singapore George Yeo (George Yeo). He said, namely, relative to the position of Ministers:
"Reports that the firearm used, their nightmare has caused and they claimed that the government» M yanmy immediately ended the violence against demonstrators. They expressed their abhorrence of foreign Affairs Minister M» yanmy Nyan Uinu with regard to violence and murder. "
Such a sharp statement on the part of ASEAN — a very rare phenomenon, as the association is based on the principles of consensus and mutual non-interference. Minister of Foreign Affairs of France Bernard Kunsher welcomed the statement as a fundamental success:
"ASEAN — very principledI structure, and this abrupt declaration of paramount importance. She will certainly have to be considered. And the only ASEAN country may well have an impact on M» yanmu. "
U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice also endorsed "very badth statement "ministers of foreign affairs 9 ASEAN. U.S. imposed new economic sanctions against the government of Burma — froze all bank assets management this country.
Meanwhile, Burma’s military regime has agreed to let the country UN special envoy Ibrahim Gambari. His arrival in Yangon on Saturday is scheduled tomorrow.

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