5 tips for a great photo gallery

Showcase your shots with digital galleries

Many of us are guilty of leaving our photos hidden away on computers or memory cards where no one can see them. Instead, why not create a digital photo gallery to display your best images in? This is a great way to organise your shots and get feedback to help you improve your skills.

Don’t duplicate

If you’re looking to create a strong gallery of your shots, be picky with the ones you upload and only include ones you’re really proud of. Don’t include very similar images either — pick the best out of a set.

Store in the cloud

You can store your photos remotely using a cloud service such as Photobucket and create galleries that you can view from any PC, smartphone or tablet device, so that you always have access to your shots.

Select your privacy

Creating a gallery on social networking sites like Facebook and Flickr lets you control who can view your photos. Keep them private to share with who you choose, or make them public for everyone to see.

Tag your shots

When creating a gallery, tag your images with relevant keywords to make it easy to search for them later. You can also tag your shots with people and locations that will help you remember the story behind the shot.

Use our website

Head to www.photoforbeginners.com, create a gallery and showcase your images to the world. You can get feedback on your shots and enter them into our fantastic competitions for a chance to win prizes.

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