Сентябрь 2015
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Bloodline Tattoo Ink

Bloodline built its reputation on being “sincerely dedicated to bringing you the best.” An American-owned and operated company, and features a spectacular assortment of ink lines, including flesh and muted tones, whites, and color sets as well as individual color options.

Now the company is announcing its latest premium color— Atomic Pig, a very unique hot pink/magenta which the company recommends as being “excellent for flowers or anything pink.” Other

Bloodline Tattoo Ink specialty colors in the Bloodline arsenal include Tribal Black,

Premium Hot Pussy, and Bloodline Sour Apple.

The brand is also committed to only selling its product to professionals. It is made clear on the Bloodline website that the company’s products are for “professional tattoo artists, period.” Bloodline does not sell products to unlicensed civilians or self-starters. If you are an apprentice, Bloodline instructs you to “please have your boss contact us to confirm before purchase.” The brand also only will make deliveries of its products to shops. No exceptions.

Check out the entire palette of Bloodline Ink and learn about buy-one-get-one free offers and how to get free samples at

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