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Third Master of Orion

Sensational news for all fans of the global space strategy! Hasbro Interactive (stomach which rests the once brilliant MicroProse) announced its intention to proceed with a series of glorious Master of Orion. The game, which tried unsuccessfully to beat all and sundry, in the long years of existence has acquired a lot of fans, many of whom had to procreate and grow a beard. These same fans began to demand MOO3 immediately after the release of the second part and finally succeeded! According to official data completely, the third series of the famous game will

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Cyprus — an island nation in the Mediterranean Sea. Its atmosphere is impregnated with ancient Greek myths and legends, which give a fantastic feeling to all its guests. Tourists are attracted by the possibility of year-round recreation.

A few words about the dam.

On the island of Cyprus have always been a problem with fresh water, and therefore built a dam. In early spring, when melting snow in the mountains, the reservoir filled to the maximum, and within a year the water from them gradually climbs, so its level is reduced. Of course, anticipate the water level, as well

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ARUBA 1942

Aruba’s Caribbean oil was life blood to beleaguered Britain. U1 56 had the task of severing the vital artery

Aruba is an island in the Dutch Lesser Antilles group It is not much more than a rock jutting out of the Caribbean off the South American coast, at the mouth of the Gulf of Venezuela In 1942, Aruba was important for two reasons — oil refining at Serge Colorado and as a base to help provide cover for the many ships passing through the area

The oil refinery produced about 500,000 barrels of petrol and oil derivatives a day while

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Sikorsky Helicopters

Sikorsky S-65 and S-80 (H-53)

S-65 has been designed to the requirements of the Marine Corps (ILC) of the United States on a new heavy transport helicopter, which was supposed to replace the aging CH-37 Mojave. Development of S-65 was carried out by specialists of «Sikorsky» on the basis of the project HR3S-1 is a modified version designed by the ship’s helicopter S-61 / SH-3 and featuring a stretched fuselage and a rear cargo ramp. The project also became the basis for the creation of combat search and rescue helicopters and CH-3 HH-3 Jolly Green Giant.

Tactical and technical

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ARTIST in residence

A converted threshing barn in the middle of the Norfolk wilds is a fittingly remote family retreat for artist and explorer Darren Almond.

By Charlotte Sinclair. Photographs by Henry Bourne

It is fitting that the environment in which contemporary artist Darren Almond works is so wild and wind- blasted. A handsome converted Victorian threshing barn, Almond’s Norfolk retreat abuts a cornfield that stretches all the way to meet the horizon. The long, adjoining buildings of brick and terracotta tile have “a kind of Donald Judd, mini-Marfa feel,” says Almond, dressed in a yellow sweatshirt and white painter’s dungarees. The artist

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Weight did not take

Good food does not have to contain a bunch of calories. Take note of a few simple recipes to observe weight without sacrificing pleasure.

Do you want to lose a few kilos, or simply keep your weight at a certain level? It is not necessary to do every day to choke buckwheat without oil. Dietitian with a 16-year veteran Christine Bailey offers you an alternative. True, have to run to the shops — almost all of these recipes has an unusual ingredient, and it will need to find. However, the «run» — it is also useful, so go ahead!

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1. Let’s go around the world.

The average level of self-esteem in women, surprisingly, may vary significantly depending on the place and date of birth.

According to a survey conducted in 53 countries by experts of the World Health Organization, the highest self-esteem in the world have:

— American,

— Englishwoman,

— Swede,

— Germans,

— Italian,

— French,

— Spaniard.

Our compatriots are approximately in the middle of the list, and it’s short women godforsaken Australian tribe, who did not know what and how to value themselves, but feel quite happy and satisfied with

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Fitting in does not come naturally to Arnett. During college, at Georgia Tech, he was often the only white person at the Royal Peacock, an Atlanta jazz dub. He feels more at home in Europe than in America. He was bom William Arenowitch, but after college he changed his name to Arnett, as did his brother, Robert, who makes photography books about India.

Arnett’s inside voice is an outside voice. He interrupts, a lot. He often begins a sentence with «No, no,» even if heʼs about to say something positive. His jokes can sound like insults. He tends to miss,

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Artificial gravity.

Plans for long-duration manned missions mean that we have to tackle the problem of coping with reduced or zero gravity.

Ever since the Skylab missions in the Seventies it has been known that living in zero gravity causes muscular wasting and loss of calcium in the bones. Exercise and medication alleviates some of these effects but some form of artificial gravity is necessary in the long-term. The easiest solution is to spin the spacecraft on its axis. Physicist Gerard O’Neill suggested that space colonies could consist of giant cylinders that would rotate to create artificial gravity. However, such cylinders would

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RIDING on ultrasonics

Move objects to within one

Ten-thousandth of


(AS number 565 004).

In the research sector «Vibrotehnika» Kaulasskogo Polytechnic Institute (supervisor doctor of technical sciences, professor KM Ragulskis) used ultrasound to high precision feeding.

The thin metal plate should burn with a focused laser beam multiple microscopic holes at a distance of a millimeter apart. Millimeters, and in the ten-thousandth or less! How is it done? Move the plate relative to the beam, or maser over the plate? Anyway, you need a gearbox, or ultra-sensitive ultra-accurate micrometer screw, which breathe something should be wary. Not every production and even

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