Authors MIGs

Authors MIGs

Even the experts, if they have not worked with Mikoyan and Gurevich, first learn a lot from this book. For example, that about twenty years ago, before Gagarin’s flight, we had buildings and tested fighter SM30 variant MiGa19 — to intercept aerial scouts and saboteurs, taking off with gunpowder boosters, without a run, the rocket first spoke about finding a compact aircraft radar. Bulky, heavy while the ground system with huge antennas had to be immediately turned into a small, lightweight, install it on a fighter, where every gram counts, every centimeter. And without radar fighter was nowhere …

Of interest to the author and his characters, even though they were not agree in everything. Persuasive arguments seem to us about how valuable the ability to get along OK head with his assistants uneasy about philosophical nedelyacheskom respect to the engineering creativity of design continuity

Controversial — how to develop aviation and general machinery, irregular or smooth, evolutionarily. They will say: jumps in the air, visible from piston to jet jump over the sound barrier. Why, then,

Tupolev said they only «majority» presented irregular, but in fact they Si? In the 50-60s years. OKB Mikoyan and Mikhail Gurevich was the most seemed suitable for transfer to rocket science: speed MiGs broke to the heights where the sky has lost the blue, purple was seen, then went to school MiGs almost all future Soviet cosmonauts. How does EDO is left air as to resist the sentiment of those years, not until the end of the obsolete now — that if combat aircraft became anachronistic next to missile success? Also Mikoyan in the forthcoming merger of aircraft and missiles, but his chivalrous devotion to aviation was here, apparently, and skilled technical policy chief designer and leaders of industries. By the way, why put the title «Chief Designer»? If, according to M. Arlazorov it deprive a symbol of trust, recognition of the quality of man, engineer, manager, EDO breadth of opportunities, why then-general began Mikoyan and SK Tumansky, but, for example, S. Gi. Korolev was chief?

Controversial book last period of evaluation aircraft Polikarpov. In 1939 within polinarpovskogo Oke was organized by a new engineering «firm», led by its deputy Polikarpov Mikoyan and Mikhail Gurevich. In the book «Artem Mikoyan,» and some others claim I that he Polikarpov in those years, persisted in their adherence to the obsolete concept: relied on maneuverable fighter biplanes, denied that it was absolutely clear to the pilots and young designers, including Mikoyan and Gurevich, -that in a future war will only need high-speed fighter monoplanes.

This statement does not agree Mr natural state of things: a bet on one or another military concept do not designers, strategists (there are, of course, exceptions, but it is extremely rare, such as the history of IL2 ground attack, which insisted on the development of SV Ilyushin contrary to the opinion military experts). Poor is consistent with the report of the aircraft R. A Belyakov, the current head of OKB Mikoyan — «N. N. Polikarpov and modern aircraft, «the Institute of the History of Science and Technology of the USSR. According to the schedule given in the report, the issue of high-speed fighter monoplanes have fallen sharply in 1937-1938., Behind the issue of biplanes, and far behind then until 1940, at which the graph stops. You can refer to the historians and participants in the events, indicating that the military was not clear at the time, which needed more fighters. And we decided this question empirically. In the summer of 1939 a number of design offices tasked with designing different fighters: biplanes, monoplanes, and even polutoraplanov variable fighter in flight scheme, and then compared all these machines. That is, the designers did not decide for themselves what they do. As it should be.

It is alleged that the AI ​​Mikoyan and Gurevich MI designed your MiG1 almost in spite of the settings that the chief designer Polikarpov not only objected to the «reckoning» of the new aircraft. But when MiG1 went to series and OKB Mikoyan and Gurevich became independent, the award for designing circuits and the main elements of this aircraft was Polikarpov.

Six months later, forty years old Experimental Design Bureau, which razrabyvayutsya famous MiGs. Interest in them is very high, as it is written about A Mikoyan only a few articles and a booklet of twenty years ago, in 48 pages, but of M. Gurevich nothing written. M. Arlazorov fill this gap. The book is interesting, useful, easy to read.

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