In «KUGE» second.

The & quot; KUGE & quot; second.

The second generation Ford Kuga just quarreled with his son Dmitry Sirotkin are presenting to your attention a fascinating account of his hatred, confusion and sleepiness.

This machine I will remember for a long time: Kuga is the first car that drove me to distraction. And all thanks to the trunk opening without using their hands. My three year old son Roma view opens with a wave of his legs back door led to such an indescribable joy that pull him from the continuous kicking rear bumper crossover was not easy: a child raised wildest op as I tried to lie, that I forgot the house key, without which the trunk is not opens.

The system is really convenient — I appreciated it in the first hour of the test car, drove to an off-conductive after a rain parking building supermarket, from which he emerged, laden with tile, wallpaper rolls and other belongings. It remained only to dump it all on wet and dirty asphalt and rummage through his pockets for the keys, when I thought of the hands-free trunk. And — lo and behold! — His door obligingly rose and I chugging loaded building materials in the trunk, were quite roomy 456 liters of it, at first glance from the outside, can not give.

Inside the eye immediately run up on the dashboard and center console — so, no wonder the new Kuga is positioned kaksmart crossover. From the number denoting the various functions of the lights is spinning head: autobrake at speeds below 15 km / h — is. Rearview Camera — please! Car parking system, which is to say, works perfectly — if you please.

But all these bells and whistles breaking on inattention "Fort dovtsev" to detail. Tiny screen is controlled by the central console cheap plastic keys, smacked his uncomfortable when pressed. Muddled vigatora requires tuning to stop, or at least long-term addiction. What I needed to catch the radio, I do not completely understand.

With half an hour poked buttons, I decided nevertheless to go. Get me a 140-strong diesel version accelerates bad, but leans in turns and rather lazily responds to the actions of the wheel. However, the drive to the Kuga and nehochetsya: luchshedavay-te’s go the whole family on a visit to my grandmother or select a holiday village to Uncle Misha. Country road and light off-road car it is accessible with its ground clearance of 18.8 cm, and very comfortable chairs perfectly goes in slow mode, and front and rear passengers.

Comfortable and the driver -up to the point that you begin to fall asleep. Actually, my wife for a long time waiting for me to throw valiant bravado, stacked motorcycle gloves collecting dust in the garage and buy myself a car — convenient to the whining in the teeth and secure as slippers (of course, in the Kuga is and Intelligent Protection System Ford (IPS ), bodyshell durability, and increased six airbags). A Roma still sometimes tries shvarknut foot on the bumper of my personal car — suddenly a miracle did happen? Price da ot959OOO rubles1

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