In the experimental stage

In the experimental stage

I knocked again.

Behind the door, the House-cabin was quiet. The passenger must have somewhere to come out.

In his device, setting the search mode, I went through all the rooms where he could now spend the evening, free time.

None of the security cameras did not record the passenger. He did not sit at the bar and watched a movie on the big screen, with other clients, did not play in the casino.

I went to visit one of the clients, she sits in her cabin, flirting? ..

A couple of hours on the ship. I arrived here by helicopter, with an impressive luggage, packed in a box made of corrugated black plastic. To roll out the box of the cargo cabin of the helicopter, it took four burly porters.

Impressed closed, unsociable person, which has long lost whatever illusions. These rarely come on board our floating clinics. Most of the customers — molodyaschiesya ladies are not the first freshness, molodyaschiesya gentlemen, about the same age category.

All of them are here for the sake of rejuvenating treatments and cosmetic surgery of the face and body.

Very expensive. But we have wealthy clients, a strict selection.

Many are in the clinic incognito almost never leave their cabins, apartments on the procedures they are taken so that’s not to meet any of the possible acquaintances. It is spread over the whole state: the confidentiality raises the cost of staying at least an order of magnitude.

In light of the corridor ceiling, I opened the order form and read the short lines.

Hort Daguerre. The name probably fictitious.

Well, his work at the clinic in this respect requirements are very soft, forgiving. Medical Services unusual astronomical adder, paid in full, in advance.

I was, frankly, quite another embarrassing …

Maybe he’s walking on one of the decks?

I leafed through the images from cameras mounted outside.

WALKING small, only four of the couple and two singles. It was pretty cool, the wind was blowing. It is much more comfortable inside. No wonder walking warmly dressed.

The figure of a man standing at the stern, seemed to belong to a new customer.

I threw on a jacket and hurried to it — in the order form had absurdity, which should eliminate the morning presentation to the management of the clinic. A passenger in a long coat stood at the rail, looking out into the cold, damp darkness.

— Mr. Hort Daguerre? — I spoke to him, coming up.

He turned to me thin, rigid face. Nodded, he looked questioningly.

I continued:

— Customers regeneration of the left leg and left arm.

— Right.

— You have arms and legs intact, as far as I can see. Or — dentures? .. The form is not specified.

— Can I get in your clinic for your money what to order?

— Yes of course.

— It is possible to carry out the regeneration is not here, but, say, in my house, and with the participation of specialists of the clinic?

— Unfortunately no. Equipment quite bulky, require significant energy resources. So — stationary.

— Give me what I ordered.

Sometimes the clients come across very strange.

Blinked, I hesitantly smiled — then you will first need to be amputated, and arm and leg.

— It’s not a problem … — He said something quickly out of his pocket and, thrusting into his mouth and swallowed. — I even simplifying the task … until the call Dial the team medics.

— What for?

— Do what I say. And faster.

Just in case, I took a communicator and dialed call.

Unbuttoned his coat, drew the pistol Daguerre, scary-looking !.

I immediately recoiled

— We have prohibited arms!

— I have nothing against it.

He has made some manipulations, resulting in a gun boomed. However, I think it was not really a gun.

— Call — said Daguerre. — I took painkillers. But better hurry.

The buzz grew louder, higher in pitch.

Because of the massive muzzle thin ray burst — a bright, white color.

Customer stretched his left hand on the railing and, gritting his teeth, cut off the beam, between the elbow and the wrist.

Hand flew down. A gust of wind tore off a piece of it cut off the sleeves.

Something flashed, illuminating for a moment the dark waves. Donёssya cotton.

My jaw dropped. I pressed the call, almost automatically.

The passenger, without wasting time, with the same straight face, moved the body weight on the right leg. Left slipped through the bars of the fence. Also cut off just above the ankle.

Again, far below, something flashed and slammed.

I’ve seen a lot of different operations, but now my lips trembled.

Hort Daguerre threw the weapon into the water. Standing on one leg, he leaned on the railing, quickened breathing, keeping the stump of his left hand — right.

Behind him, I hear the tramp: we ran stretcher-bearers.

Daguerre was put and carried into the operating room.

Walking behind him, I dialed the emergency call duty doctors.

* * *

Our floating clinic owned by a company registered in the offshore zone. It looks like a cruise ship.

However, the cruise is quite specific, only in international waters and outside the jurisdiction of any State. Food, water and fuel were taken away from the coast. Clients came to us, too, by water or by air. Endurance. And for good reason.

Something from the list of services is not certified, with no country in the world. But something is immoral.

Much of the experimental stage. As an example, a service for the regeneration of limbs.

Manages the floating clinic, MD, a well-known revolutionary, bold development, although the official medical science anathematized several of its achievements.

To judge as I prefer, for obvious results, more positive than negative.

Whatever I thought, there is a clinic, it is booming.

There are always people ready to risk their health for the sake of possible improvements to the exterior — a person or figure …

Daguerre first few days were kept in a state of artificial coma. Log in to his room had every right to, to care for a minimum of employees, and, approved the group has not changed.

In the clinic I basically acting as administrative.

Therefore, I came to him often. Diagnostic equipment, wires, containers, transparent tubes of different diameters. And he Hort Daguerre lying on a modular bed. The left leg and left arm went into the bowels of two transparent regeneration chambers filled with saline.

It was interesting to see how in the solution based on stem cells slowly locally thickening, formed limbs. Initially, gelatinous, they gradually compacted, darkened, took on a normal appearance.

Pink skin is gradually hid the bones, muscles, tendons and veins. There were nails.

His fingers have reacted to touch the needle, the nerves conduct impulses.

It is possible that the limb will function.

Daguerre was taken out of the coma. He slept pumped tranquilizers, anabolics. Soon, the choice once again sink into a heavy sleep, after a brief awakenings for procedures or sleep less, but to endure a lot of pain with which medication is completely unable to cope.

Daguerre chose the latter.

He demanded his laptop, having access to the network.

He puts it on his chest, working with one hand, looking through the news and the operational networking periodicals — like to keep abreast of current events. Or waiting for some news. All the prescribed procedures he performed without talking, and religiously. If Daguerre did not sleep, not wandering the web, do not take medicine and procedures, it worked. I noticed the corner of the eye on the screen complex mathematical formulas, no less complicated drawings.

In the clinic I was the second year, the place of his treasure. Therefore, the language hold on a leash.

The incident at the stern, I just said the obvious, told about two amputations that our client has made their own, with the help of a tool, such as a plasma torch. But it was enough to head.

Everyone was intrigued. Everyone wanted to know who he is and for what reason did what he did. Special, particular interest was the ladies. Mystery man. Courageous, resolute. Maybe unreported already to the extreme by some circumstances … He spoke, by the way, with an accent.

Like everyone else, I could only speculate.

That time has come, when the patient had to move his fingers, brush and stupnёy.

This happened not once, but Daguerre showed perseverance.

Regeneration success. Although it will take a lot of effort and patience to develop the leg and arm, especially — hand. New limbs were removed from the camera, carefully and thoroughly cleaned. The patient, sometimes, gritting his teeth, developed them, as if someone drove. Functions of both limbs were restored, so to speak, because the bones, tendons and muscles are re-created in part.

Now I was sure that everything will be held safely.

From the nurse I learned that Hort Daguerre began to walk — for his room, leaning on furniture holding the wall. Progress undeniable.

Once I brought him a document stating that the services ordered by the client, provided that the claims to the clinic, he has not, has no complaints about the quality of work, quality of care and post-operative rehabilitation.

Daguerre exercises. Document podmahnul, glancing diagonally.

Involuntarily, I noted that the skin is re-created arms and legs no longer pink. It acquired normal pigmentation, but still was lighter, the border was observed.

Returning handle Daguerre suddenly asked:

— You will not refuse the request?

— Of course. Everything in my power.

— You can use the phone that you have in your pocket?

— For God’s sake.

Having laid the documents in the folder I handed the phone:

— Stay in the corridor.

— No, really, there is no such need.

He dialed the number and waited for the answer.

Heard whistles. I thought that the subscriber is out of reach. But the answer was. As soon as an unknown caller spoke Daguerre broke the connection. Moreover, he looked extremely worried, though he tried to hide it. It is evident that something had happened, very unpleasant.

— Thank you. — Customer returned the phone. I nodded and went out. He stood in the corridor. It seemed he was troubled voice, who informed of the tube: The answer is not the same person with whom Daguerre wanted to talk.

But why customers call on someone else’s phone? His not? Hardly…

I went to him.

She remembered the bright flash that accompanied the fall of limbs in the water. What they had? Some bracelets, stuffed with explosives?

In the movie, I saw like.

Who is he? Who is afraid of? From running?

* * *

I went to him in the evening, with another paper. Daguerre signed it without talking.

— I recommend to move more, walk, — he said. — I want to come back in the luggage compartment. Part of the company?

— With pleasure. Later, if you do not mind. I have to bypass the seven chambers. Cleared — I go. Good?

— I will wait.

Why Daguerre singled me from all subservient, I do not know.

Because amputated their limbs in my eyes? ..

I returned forty minutes later.

Daguerre was already in a raincoat. He got up from his chair, hung on his shoulder leather bag. I thought he wanted to take something from the luggage or, conversely, leave luggage.

We went out into the corridor, went up to the main deck, slowly, with stops, we got to the luggage compartment. My repeated attempts to take the patient’s arm to support it gently rejected:

— It is necessary to train. Develop leg.

The elderly caretaker opened section and let us through the door. Sam went to him. Against the far wall, in a corner, stood a box of black plastic, reinforced with stiffeners. About three meters in length and a half width.

Customer scored digit combination to the lock. He pulled the handle. The door opened.

Inside, it was something like a scooter, with a cabin, with a streamlined body in white.

— Grab your vehicle? — I asked with surprise.

— Right. Tricycle, bright enough … Please, remove the pads seal.

Pieces of foam I took.

Hort Daguerre sent to the machine electronic control.

Engine purred. The unit is moved, I left the «garage».

By pressing a button, Daguerre made his turn, pass back.

The machine is perfectly obeyed.

The owner put the bag in the cab.

— Could you hold the door? — Asked Daguerre. — On deck one … I will drive a little bit.

— Too late — I started to doubt.

— Dark …

— Oh, do not worry, the world is enough. If necessary, I will turn on the lights … I want to feel themselves fully human, even for a moment.

I shrugged my shoulders philosophically. Our clients quirks enough. But their desire to the law, especially for the money.

— I warn the caretaker — I said. Grouchy caretaker as well as I knew about the law:

— Favorite toy? Let alone does not make noise, does not bother the other …

Sitting in the cockpit, Daguerre brought narrow and not too long a section of the car, drove at the front, which caused him displeasure looked superintendent.

— Ride — said his client. Alongside the lights burning. Meeting people was not. Our floating clinic from all sides surrounded by darkness.

Daguerre was driving slowly, I went on a par with them, walking briskly.

He smiled broadly. Satisfied was even almost as happy as a boy. So we found ourselves on the free section of the superstructure deck.

Customer added gas. I immediately fell behind.

Hort Daguerre rolled to stern, perhaps, a hundred and fifty meters, two hundred. He turned around, pulled up. And again — the stern.

He made two laps.

— Are you tired? — I asked.

— No … I feel fine. Just like before, you know?

— Of course I understand.

— No offense.

Customer added gas. Engine crackled loudly.

I winced. It would not have complained about some lady in the noise at night, when all the decent people are asleep.

Once again, the car rushed to the stern, picking up speed, higher than before.

This alarmed me. I frowned. More fail, crash into the fence …

Then I froze in amazement.

Above the roof tricycle it picks up something like short oars, back and crawled back of the body. Is the unit is falling apart before our eyes, from the vibration? No of course.

Oars turned to screw like a helicopter. Behind took shape keel diplura. Folding propeller straightened on a stand in the form of a square bracket. He tightens.

And a pusher propeller, too, began to rotate.

Meters fifty tricycle wheel ripped from the deck.

I slipped over the fence. Roll on the nose, sunk into darkness.

For a while, I heard the roar of the engine, the weakening is removed. Gradually he calmed down.

I thought the customer returns. Fly and come back …

But the minute my hopes melted.

I remembered the phone call so alarmed by Daguerre.

He’s been waiting for some trouble. Something had feared. Here and ready for them. That took its own measures.

Damn … I flew away …

What do I tell his superiors?

Though I paid in advance. The documents all signed. Not a crook.

* * *

In the morning on the deck sat a black helicopter. Because of him, holding hat, came five tall men in long coats and silently went to the administrative part of the clinic.

From a mile guests reeked official structures.

Soon I was summoned.

While waiting in the waiting room director, I heard from behind the door scraps of conversation. Guests something insistently demanded. Our director emphasized the fact that the clinic — private property, private, sovereign territory, outside the jurisdiction of any State.

He was echoed by two full-time lawyer. The secretary, pricked ears, listened attentively, her gorgeous bust went in waves.

Finally, the office demanded an unwitting accomplice.

I went, trying not to look at the strict man seemed identical.

Guests throwing strict, even menacing looks, but I’m much more afraid of the director.

He sighed and rubbed his bald head and ordered without looking up:

— Please answer the questions that will ask you gentlemen.

Their questions concerned my phone. And the rooms, which I called yesterday. Allegedly.

Lying is not necessary. I put them all in detail.

— Why did you give this person your phone? — Asked me sternly.

— Common courtesy, trifling service. Have I committed a crime? The man suffered a heavy operation. How not to sympathize? And besides, I’m a doctor is obliged to help.

The answer was terrible wheezing. The director sighed:

— Tell me about the incident with the masters tricycle. All without reserve.

My story, of course, been suspended, very careful. Guests were again to ask tricky questions, as if set out to accuse me of treason. Two or three times our lawyers screamed:

— Objection!

As at the hearing.

Speaking about the flight of the client, I go on pretending that I may incriminate the official structures. It turned out — nothing.

It is understood and guests.

Gritting his teeth, the guests were told to keep quiet about everything that obsuvdalos office.

For more authority they had. Director, though not immediately, failed to show the door guests.

He made a concession, allowed them to pick up a box of black plastic. He singled out longshoremen.

Gloomy cleared away.

For a while I thought vzgreet director.

It has done.

Deliberately or not, I have contributed to the fact that our client countries was not on board when it came for. For the reputation of the clinic it would have been much worse if they found it here.

And guests arrived after a phone call. Those who were interested in catching Daguerre figured out whose phone was used, which is the owner. It is now easy.

The client gave himself. It must have options not available. The call was needed.

Convinced of the real threat, he left the ship. Moreover, the original way …

Hardly Daguerre — escaped convict. Rather, he — escaped scientist who wanted to escape at any cost.

And — he escaped.

What is the origin of the sum paid by the client, I do not know.

Guests are not given a hint about money. So, money is legitimate and clean.

More flight offers care scientist.

Daguerre was needed them, something they achieved from it. And Daguerre opposed.

Probably, the work associated with the laser, which became for him a scalpel.

I remembered a thin beam of white, unbearably bright.

Presented weapons, only bigger, with a bulky cooling system.

In my head flashed creepy, but impressive pictures. Dozens, hundreds of these devices fixed on carriages, slashed tanks, buildings, airplanes and helicopters, shredding living flesh into pieces. Flashing trees, melted rocks. Exploding ammunition and fuel.


Daguerre did not want to create weapons, even for big money.

His forced. Kept locked up. Fasten explosive bracelets on the arm and leg.

Apparently, you can not remove the bracelet, apparently, set everything on a particular person’s biofield.

Why not put your neck? .. To the head does not come off.

It must have a head at Daguerre valuable. Clever.

Heart — brave.

Not everyone would dare such a thing.

Evil to him I do not hold. He is with me, in general, is good.

He said: «Do not be offended.»

Not a scoundrel.


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