«It depends on you the mood of the people»

PC & CA on July 26 at a solemn event dedicated to the Day of trade. Decree on establishment of professional holiday was signed by President Vladimir Putin on May 7, 2013.

Congratulating the workers of trade, Nikolai Merkushin noted that it is important to obtain an official holiday status.

«In the sphere of trade and services running every five. Such a large number of employees is not in any other industry, — said the head of the field. -This Is the most popular professions among the working population. The industry works every seventh, agriculture — every 20 minutes. «

According to Nikolai Merkoushkin, productivity increases, and for example, in the industry require fewer people, but the service sector requires more attention. «Therefore, fulfilling the decree of the president, we have decided to widely celebrate this holiday,» — he said.

Head of the region said that the workers of sphere of trade and services may affect the general mood in society and perception of life people.

«In Togliatti 8.5 thousand retail outlets, including 450 large facilities, working on advanced technologies. And on what the atmosphere is there, how attentively approach to trade buyers workers, depends on the mood of people. Your work is very important for a comfortable state of society, «- said Nikolai Merkushin.

He presented awards to 18 employees and gratitude trade. For the first time in the region was awarded the honorary title «Honored Worker of trade and services of the Samara region.» He was awarded the General Director of «Rubin» Zinaida Borsch-ko, which began its journey with a student Seller and 52 years working in the same place.

«I want to express my gratitude to Nikolay Merkushkin for the assessment of my work. I am grateful to the president who legalized our holiday — she turned to the head of the region. — That the unions sought solutions for over 10 years. It means that the country returns to civilized trade. For the first time we see such attention to us at the regional level. We appreciate it. «

The holiday concert actor Oleg Mitiaeva.

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