October 2nd, 2008 the General Director of JSC «SCHLZ» MA Waxman turned 76 years

Dear Max Aizikovich!

The team Scherbinsky Elevator Plant congratulates you on your 76th anniversary!

We sincerely welcome the opportunity to evaluate the significance of this day of your contribution to the achievement of the elevator industry. We say thank you for having spared no effort, time, health and all the best years you have dedicated work to the benefit of our factory.

We are proud of you and love you.

History Scherbinsky Elevator Plant — the flagship of the Russian lift business — is inextricably linked with your name since the mid ’70s, when you come here to work as chief engineer of the enterprise. Thanks to your highest qualification, a unique organizational skills, ability in solving national economic problems of the state the plant has successfully entered into the market in modern conditions is to new developments. It is impossible to overestimate your direct involvement in the development of the enterprise, enhancing its industry relevance.

Your work is always distinguished by high creative activity. We know you as a tireless organizer, demanding the head, put a lot of effort and energy in technical re-equipment and modernization of enterprises.

Your sensitive and conscientious attitude, combined with the high performance, you have created a reputation for exceptionally competent worker. But such rare personal qualities as compassion and warmth, combined with demanding and integrity in dealing with problems and tasks, you have earned the respect of colleagues throughout the industry and all who work and communicate with you.

Max Aizikovich!

Take from employees Scherbinsky liftostroi-tary plant cordial and sincere wishes for success in your noble work. We wish for many years to save you the inherent cheerfulness, energy efficiency and tireless spiritual youth! We wish you every success, good health, optimism, happiness, comfort, love and prosperity to your family!

Let luck always accompany you around!

With the greatest respect, the team of «SCHLZ»

Editors of the magazine «Elevator» joins the congratulations and wishes.

We are pleased to publish in the October issue of the journal report on the new Max Aizikovich victories — they are dedicated to the article «The Russian lift association», «Business and government: how to interact.» And yet — a bit of history in the article «We are working for Russia.»

Indomitable energy and truly national scale of the individual MA Waxman not only shaking all imagination, but also require a connection to the coverage of his multi-faceted and creative activity of the most vibrant multi-format media. Sorry, Max Aizikovich, we have for you just do not have time.

I wish you happiness!

New deputy head of Rostekhnadzor

Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation Yuri Trutnev signed decrees on the appointment of Deputy Head of Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision Nikolay Fadeyev and Alexei Ferapontov. Nicholas A. Fadeev was born May 8, 1961 in Perm. In 1983 he graduated from the Perm State University. Candidate of Historical Sciences. He worked as deputy head of the city of Perm for the Economy and Investment, the main federal inspector on the Perm region and Komi-Perm Autonomous District, the head of the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources in Moscow. Previous position — Head of Rosprirodnadzor in the Central Federal District. Nikolai Fadeev will oversee the implementation of public construction and energy of Supervisors.

Alexey V. Ferapontov was born Dec. 30, 1963. In 1983 he graduated from the Moscow Institute of electrons engineering, in 2003 — of the Russian State Technical University of Railway Transport Ministry of Railways of the Russian Federation. Previously, he served as Deputy General Director of «Rosgosstrakh», Deputy General Director of Open Joint Stock Insurance Company «Ingosstrakh». Previous position — Deputy Director of FSUE VO «Safety» RTN.

Deputy Head of Rostekhnadzor Sergey Adamczyk relieved of his duties at his own request.

Rostekhnadzor says about equality expert organizations

In the central office RTN received information that the territorial authorities often refuse to register the Service to enter into an examination of industrial safety expert organizations with the necessary licenses of Rostekhnadzor, but not accredited in various Systems. Sometimes officials wrongfully sent expert opinions of expert organizations for consideration and taking into account other expert organizations.

Rostekhnadzor claims that these actions are illegal, because contrary to the requirements laid down in the Regulations on accreditation of organizations carrying out activities in conformity assessment of products, processes and services set quality and safety requirements (endorsed by the Government of the Russian Federation dated July 6, 2001 № 514) and in fact are excessive administrative barriers and unreasonable restrictions.

Head of Rostekhnadzor Nikolay Kutin sent an information letter heads of territorial administrations RTN rescission of the illegal actions of officials in relation to the applicants and expert organizations.

«All administrative documents, newsletters, guidance to the expert organizations and organizations — applicants examinations for accreditation must be rescinded forthwith, and the practice of sending expert opinions of expert organizations in other expert or specialized organizations (regardless of the form in which it is carried out) discontinued «- said the head of Rostekhnadzor.

Rostekhnadzor appeals to the heads of enterprises and organizations of supervised, examinations for applicants to inform the central office of the Federal Service for Ecological, techno logical and Nuclear Supervision of the facts of corrupt actions by officials to guide applicants in specific expert organizations.

The procedure for training inspectors RTN

Rostekhnadzor enacts Guidelines on the procedure for education and training received in the civil service of the state inspectors rostekhnadzor. The order was signed by the head of department, Nikolai Kutin.

The document defines the main approaches to the organization of training, initial training and training of state inspectors. .

Initial training includes theoretical training and practical training (internship). The duration of the theoretical training shall not exceed 2 months, training lasts from 3 months to the end of the probationary period. In exceptional cases, training newly recruited to the civil service of the state inspectors continued to 1 year. Timing and extent of training the newly adopted state inspector determines the program of education and training.

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