Quick fire

Quick fire

In September in Moscow will be the first city marathon. To prepare for the race from scratch decided Ekaterina Danilova.

Just remember, when I decided to run. In March, during the Paris Fashion Week, I saw Natalia Vodianova, closes the show Givenchy: that morning, she participated in the half marathon, ran twenty-one kilometer. For me, this number seemed absolutely fantastic. With sports, I have never been friends, you know, of course, that a modern girl needs something to do, even bought a subscription to a fitness club — but never there and did not appear to justify themselves by saying that I have a crazy pace of work and frequent trips. It was only when she saw Vodianova — and she certainly has the schedule tighter than mine, — firmly decided: I’ll start running. It’s not necessary any club cards or schedule — only sneakers and willpower.

I think I’m not alone this: running epidemic swept the world. Registration for the Berlin half-marathon this year was over three hours after the discovery. Heidi Klum, Coco Rocha and Miranda Kerr are involved in a charity run. Katie Holmes, ran the New York marathon, in an interview acknowledged: «No juice detox will not give the same effect as a daily jog through Central Park.» Alanis Morissette runs in Hawaii, and Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalie Imbruglia and Agyness Dean — in London. And they all say in unison, that the run changed their lives.

Returning to Moscow from Paris, calling sports doctor, honored coach of Russia Igor Zavyalov. He approves of my idea: «As for distances up to you, but, certainly, it is better to run than to not run at all and lay on the couch. While running, working all the muscles: legs, back, press your hands, small muscle stabilizers; blood supply to all tissues of the body is improved. «

The first running boom happened in the seventies in the United States, where a healthy lifestyle guru Jim Fix released bestseller «Encyclopedia of running»; ironically, he died during a morning run from a heart attack. Then came the wave of enthusiasm, and run in the USSR appeared the slogan «Run from a heart attack.» Heart surgeon, Academician Nikolai Amosov argued that while jogging trains the cardiovascular system, increases the minute ejection of blood and breathing increases lung capacity (at saturation of oxygen to the brain hormone serotonin is released — hence the feeling of euphoria at the finish line). Amosov advised to run five kilometers a day, and with his heart disease lived to almost ninety years. «Around the run has always been a lot of controversy — continues Zavyalov. — Every day there are new research results about its benefits and harms, effects on sexual activity, cancer, mood. Unlike running race walking — shock load, there is a phase of the flight, so the landing takes hard blow that the wave is given in the ankle, knee, back and even neck. Therefore, many in the West refused to run in favor of a brisk walk. «

But I want both Vodianova, do not walk, and run it. Therefore, I dug in the closet sneakers and decided: tonight run down to the park and back (as I later found it, some measly three kilometers). With difficulty breaking them for twenty-three minutes, I could barely dobrela to the apartment. A sense of pride in themselves and appeared in the morning easy and pleasant nagging pain in muscles I liked — but force yourself to do it every day? But as in Moscow held on September fifteenth first Moscow Marathon. Its route will pass through the city’s waterfront, the Boulevard Ring, Tverskaya, Petrovka and other central streets. What is not an incentive?

To prepare, I needed a coach and a group of colleagues. Cross country clubs now in Moscow much — only for girls Girl & Sole, Club Nike +, private clubs (for example, an advertising agency BBDO has its own). Calling around, I have chosen the club I Love Running: there was only seven-week training program to the main European heats — Berlin, Paris, Dublin Half Marathon. The founders of the club Maxim Zhurilo Vladimir Pasekunov — amateur athletes, participants in marathons all over the world and Triathlon Ironman, and head coach Irina Podyalovskaya in the eighties was the world record holder in the relay race.

The first training on the cycling track in Krylatskoye I waited, like a schoolboy September 1. In the group of thirty five future marathoners — and bored housewives, and the pros, zombie computers, and twenty years of ambitious students, and couples who dream to run away from divorce. We measurements, weighed, asked to be wrung out and raise the legs lying on his back for twenty seconds. Further instructions Podyalovskoy coach was unexpected: «You must have read about the different areas of the pulse and so on, and you have a lot of questions. Forget about everything. Run! «

After two rounds of four meters each and semicircle with acceleration had to run five and measure pulse — as determined by the willingness of the heart to stress and endurance level. I had more than one hundred and eighty beats per minute — it’s a lot, but a pulse and tightened metrosexual from the group, which obviously goes to the hall and the clock shakes muscles while enjoying a front of a mirror — it means that we were running out of the last forces. From now on, in addition to two weekly workouts in Krylatskoye we will have to run their own one or two times a week and every day to do PFD — a series of school exercise on hands and press back.

Work on running technique — something for which I came here — began on the next workout. It turned out that I’m running «very loud», attacking the heel of the whole body (which is the most harmful, as explained Zavyalov) clamped in the shoulders and makes it unnecessary to tie-down. I am trying to run correctly, but the focus is difficult. After twenty-five minutes of running specific running exercises begin with a funny name «Sirtaki», «balls», «buratinki.» It turned out that it was important to have the right shoes: my sneakers coach raised a laugh. Comrades club advised to store «Laboratory run» at the Taganka — there is a scanner that determines the pressure of the foot on the surface, as well as a running installation, conducting video analysis technology race. Resolved: running shoes Nike Free + 2 iD for intensive training and development of the muscles of the foot and the Nike LunarGlide + 5 clubfoot correction during long runs.

A few weeks later three kilometers, which at first seemed to me a great achievement to become a light workout. He ran nine kilometers per hour and twenty, recorded on a night race in the Luzhniki Stadium — is one of the preparatory stages of the Moscow marathon in September. Soon, the training schedule is added to the fourth week — the so-called regenerative running. It helps to develop and strengthen the heart, prepare yourself for the fact that the full capacity to do more intense runs. «Pulse to be low, you have to run at fifty to sixty percent of your maximum effort and be able to maintain a conversation without straining and knocking the breath for a minute,» — says the coach, and offers parallel to chat with other runners. What are we talking about? Of course, on how to run our lives change. And he does it, and greatly.

«Where a tan?» — Ask colleagues, knowing that I was not on vacation. The answer is simple — two o’clock run on rowing channel. On a business trip now I take shoes and choose the wrong hotel, where there is a spa, a treadmill, or ask the concierge for a jogging map. I’m starting to collect them — Valencia, London, Milan (where I run through the streets of the «golden shopping triangle»). If the card is not present, the site saves me mapmyrun.com — I run routes and defines with mileage. Running saves me and jet lag in New York, when I can not sleep, I go running in Central Park. If you quarrel with her fiance, or a square head began after twelve hours spent at the computer, I download a new podcast on jog.fm (depending on the purpose and the distance there is a different play lists that specify the correct tempo) — and to the park.

I made her — I exercise regularly, paralysis will be defeated. As a bonus, he received a taut legs, sharp knees, chiseled arms. I know: it is necessary to leave the house, put on leggings and run — and I will clean the head, as after a meditative yoga and insoluble, it would seem, the problem may seem minor. At work, I have become more organized and endurance. The energy brims over, and became an instant reaction. Everything looked upon with respect, when I talk about the new record, and come to the support races.

And though I could not go with her band at the declared start in Barcelona because of urgent business trip, I continued to prepare for a distance of ten kilometers in Moscow. Then we’ll see — maybe in between the shows and partying I run, like Vodianova, a Paris Half Marathon. Now I know that the race — it’s not the number of kilometers, but a way of life and the nature of the warehouse. I guess this is what meant the messenger Pheidippides when he ran from Marathon to Athens and gasped: «Rejoice, the Athenians, we won!».

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