Sex Poses

Sex Poses

350 orgasms a year should TRANSFER ordinary men to live four years longer than those who remain on the average level, 90 orgasms a year.

350 orgasms a year must endure ordinary man to live for four years longer than those who remain at an average level, ie who are experiencing about 90 orgasms a year. But we know that sex is of no small importance posture.

It would seem, well, what else is new you can learn about sex positions? Yet a look at some.

Camel rides

People hug your feet. Since each crotch between the thighs is a partner, a person with a strong imagination to create the impression that he is sitting on the Bactrian camel, right between the humps. Hence the name.


In this position, available the same deep penetration like during the famous "Dog-gistayla"But only face to face with a partner. Try it worth at least because some of the girls on the position "the man behind" ache a little spin. And then there is the lady with the comfort does not suffer.


Along with a walk on a camel toes comfortable hand stimulates the clitoris partner (or the area around it — some girls like it even more). Also in this position comfortably, leaving the partner, stroking the clitoris head of the penis (if he asks to go back — not to contradict).

By the way, for the information of the camel, attracting females to drool and their bladders are inflated and the opponent beats and spits them.

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