Watch a three-sheeted (trifol) is also known by the Latin name Menyanthes trifoliata L. belongs to the family of shift (Menyanthaceae)

Botanical Reference

Watch a three-sheeted — a perennial herb. Rootstock long, creeping, knotty, spongy inside, root adventitious roots. The leaves are trifoliate, on long petioles amplexicaul up to 30 cm. Sheet share obovate, tselnokray-set, with subtle water stomata on the edge. Flower arrow without leaves, length of 20-40 cm, ending racemose inflorescence. The flowers are pale pink corolla five-blade, the blades are inside the velvety omission. Fruit — capsule with small seeds. It flowers in May and June, fruits ripen in July and August.

We collect and store

Collect leaves in a phase of full development after flowering (July — August). Cut or mowed grass, selected and incidental impurities separated stalks, leaving them less than 3 cm. This operation is carried out after pre-drying, wilting of leaves and outdoors. Often shamrock collected from boats or rafts. Since collectors have come into water, it is advisable

ALL HERBS FOR STRENGTHENING THE NERVOUS SYSTEM 37 collection carried out in warm weather. Store in a dry place for up to 2 years. Young immature leaves the workpiece are not subject. When harvesting of raw materials should not pull up roots. This leads to the destruction of thickets.

Pllrznmy gpgtyan leaves contain a bitter glycoside meniantin amorphous, hydrolysis split into glucose and meniantol. It also found glycoside meliatin split into poorly studied aglycone and glucose; gentsianin alkaloid, flavonoids, rutin and hyperoside, ascorbic acid and also tannins to 3%.

In the grass contains a fatty oil, which consists of glycerides Lino-left, palmitic and other fatty acids, choline, resin acids and other substances that contain a significant amount of iodine. The roots contain meliatin glycoside, tannins, inulin, pectin and traces of alkaloids.

The use of traditional medicine

The leaves of bean trefoil stimulate the function of the digestive tract due to the presence bitters — natural physiological stimulants, saliva, gastric juice, bile and digestive enzymes; They have a slight laxative properties.

Stimulates the secretion of bile, which together with the presence of organic iodine compounds in the leaves of the watch prevents the accumulation of cholesterol in the body, acts protivoskleroticheskim. In addition, the watch has an antiseptic and antipyretic effect.

The aqueous extract is part of the appetizing, choleretic, soothing fees. Preparations bean trefoil

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