Eighty million years on land or problems herbivores.

On the problem of power first tetrapods noticed Philip Anderson, an evolutionary paleobiologist from the University of Massachusetts (Amherst, USA). Together with his colleagues, Matthew Friedman of the University of Oxford and Marcello Ruta of the University of Lincoln (UK), he analyzed the jaw representatives of 89 genera of fossil vertebrates that lived on the Devonian (416 million years ago) to the Early Permian (295 million years ago). It was in this period were formed joints and limbs of tetrapods belt and separated from amphibians amniotes (reptiles, mammals and birds). Among the fossils studied the so-called four-legged fish Acanthostega,

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B&W 800 Diamond


These are very large speakers, but they are quite capable of sublime subtlety as well as huge power

B&W churns out excellent speakers with the kind of regularity that makes you wonder if it’s able to produce anything sub-standard at all, so when we say the 800 Diamond is the most excellent speaker the company makes, it means it’s very excellent indeed.

You’d expect the £18,000 pinnacle of a company’s speaker range to be the ultimate expression of all of its trademark technologies, but what makes the 800 Diamonds so special is that it’s all tied together in a

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CONTEMPORARY ISSUES Belarusian orthography

In 1951, Spelling Commission Byelorussian Academy of Sciences published a «Draft amendments and clarifications Belarusian spelling», which aroused great interest among the public of the republic. On the pages of the national press began a lively discussion of the «Project». The address spelling Commission began to receive numerous letters critical of the «Project» and specific proposals of a positive nature.

Institute of Linguistics of the Academy of Sciences of the BSSR held in Minsk on the final scientific conference dedicated to the discussion of modern Belarusian spelling. The conference was held on January 25-26, 1952, it was attended by representatives

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MAGIC glomeruli

Game integrative activity for preschool children


Part One.

Investigation of the properties of different coils

The teacher with the children comes in the group, and draws attention to the new toy — a house inhabited by tenants unusual.


Show how you can do that. Now open eyes. The children called their names. )

There is another toy — colored pyramid. Each ball of wear to the Pin.


You guessed it, from what made all the toys in the house?

Children. From coils.

Teacher (picks up a big ball).

That tangle-prygunok.

He does not like those who are

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GARDENING QUESTIONS rational placement in suburban areas

DY Ignatko

Candidate of Economic Sciences

December Plenum (1959) pointed to the need to organize the specialized state farms and collective farms specialized in the production of fruits, berries and grapes in areas with favorable conditions for this.

For seven years the area of ​​orchards and berry fields in industrial areas and around the major cities of the Ukrainian SSR is planned to increase in comparison with 1958 almost in 2 times. To do this, in suburban areas around major cities and industrial centers it is planned to organize specialized farms and some farms specializing in the production of fruits

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Avro Anson Gunships

Originally designed as a passenger aircraft in 1933 before being redesigned for military reconnaissance, by the outbreak of war in 1939 the Avro Anson was obsolete, slow and inadequately armed in comparison with the latest machines. This, of course, was not a problem as the Anson was a reconnaissance aircraft; it was not built for aerial combat. That was, writes Robin J. Brooks, before 500 Squadron got its hands on them.

It was early in 1939 that 500 (County of Kent) Squadron, part of the Auxiliary Air Force, exchanged its single-engine Hawker Hinds for Avro Anson Mk.ls. Powered by two

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WAR without gaps

The problem of increasing cross was always relevant. But even a tank on the roads has a margin of safety: with numerous illustrations mired in mud fighting vehicles example. One of the favorite exercises negligent tank — tank solemn landing on its belly. To like this happened, the engineers have to go to various tricks

In May 1940 at the address of the People’s Commissar of Defense KE Voroshilov received a letter from the Novocherkassk Industrial Institute. Sergo Ordzhonikidze. Voroshilov were often letters with unusual ideas about the creation of various types of equipment. This time, Voroshilov wrote Associate Professor

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The appearance of defects in rolling thread.

Wrapping — processing of metals and other materials by surface plastic deformation using the tool rolls (rollers, gears recuperator, dies) with a corresponding thread or another profile.

Wrapping as a method for the plastic deformation of the metal has more than 150 years. The ground equipment designed for cold rolling of external threads on the bolts for fixing railway sleepers, used flat dies.

Theoretically, threads and profiles can be dashed off at any plastically deformable material. However, the stability of the rolling process, the implementation of the requirements for quality, precision and strength of rolled products, providing cost-effective tool

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Australian Black Hawk inquiry completed

UPDATING THE previous reports on the collision on June 12, 1996, of Australian Army/5th Avn Rgt S-70A-9 Black Hawks A25-109 and A25-113 (Whte-Offs, August, November 1996 and January 1997), on March 6, 1997, the final findings of the board of inquiry were announced in Parliament, revealing many separate factors which had combined to cause the tragedy. These included undertaking the exercise with no formal reconnaissance and little co-operation between the SAS and Army pilots. No aerial photographs had been supplied and the pre-flight briefing had used an inaccurate diagram, while the pilots flew too low during the exercise and most

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The possibility of using advanced systems in digital cinema projector with a resolution of about 1K

Appeared in July 2005. The recommendations of the group of production companies OS! strictly regulate the quality of the screen image in digital cinema. During the discussion of this document expressed the view overestimation of requirements and possibilities of their application. This was said to the projection of relatively simple and low-cost video projectors with the characteristics of the screen image, essentially conceding the relevant recommendations of the OS !. This article analyzes the parameters of a moving picture based on the concept of the «ideal» and moving picture shows the validity of the recommendations of the operating system

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