Apple iMac

The latest iMac is thinner and more powerful than ever: Core i5 or i7 Ivy Bridge and at least 8GB RAM running the none-more-elegant OS X Mountain Lion. Apple has yet to embrace touchscreen tech, but why would you want to besmirch that luscious screen?

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TomTom GO LIVE 1005

With a spacious 5in screen and clever route calculation, the 1005 is our fave sat-nav yet. Yes, there’s an added cost, but you get a free year of Live services. Look for discounts as a GO series refresh is

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Group «SIMPLE STUFF» Russia’s first children’s rock collective based 4 friends, the boys and their parents. Children brought up in Christian homes. In their songs «SIMPLE STUFF» talk about simple and clear every true.

Our magazine could not ignore the guys who want to change the world in this is seemingly a young age. Though summer vacation and it is time, when all the rest away from the city, but we, nevertheless, managed to communicate with the lead singer of Petya Romanov.

Hey, Pete! Tell us how the idea to create a group?

Actually, at first it was the

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Best Shot

Fall is already upon us and millions of wingshooting enthusiasts are preparing to take to the woods and water to hunt their favorite feathered quarry. As opening day approaches, many hunters will pull their favorite shotgun from where it has been stored since the previous hunting season to get a bit of practice in at their local clay target facility. Unfortunately they discover quickly that shooting clays is a bit tougher than shooting birds. It’s not quite like riding a bicycle after taking five or six months off.

«If those things had feathers. I’d hit them” is a quote heard

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Georgian gray mountain bee in its economically useful traits are the best in the world.

In recent years, in large quantities exported from Georgia and are increasingly being used in various parts of the Soviet Union to improve the quality of local breeds, cross-breeding and industrial development of new breeding and breed groups of bees. Every year the demand for Georgian foreign bee among beekeepers. In 1963, the republic sr sent over 15 thousand breeding ewes and 3000 packages.

In addition regions of the Soviet Union, the uterus and the packages were sent to more than 30 foreign countries, including

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Breast milk — the best food for your baby

It is known that due to the structure of protein molecules goat milk is easier to digest cow. In addition, goat milk cow is richer in content of some natural minerals and vitamins (vitamins A, D, and minerals Ca Se), and folic acid, vitamin V12i Zn have higher bioavailability.

There are other benefits that we consider the example of the recently appeared in Russia on the basis of a mixture of goat’s milk Kabrita® GOLD (Netherlands).

With a view to the maximum possible adaptation to the natural breast milk in goat’s milk are added:

• Whey proteins natural goat’s

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Adam Scorey contemplates the future of cameras on a trip to South Korea to check out Samsung’s latest camera smartphone, no, smartphone camera…

There should be no surprise that Samsung, this giant of a Korean electronics company with over 236,000 worldwide employees, should continue its development of the NX system, this time with the launch of the Galaxy NX -essentially it is the Galaxy Camera but with interchangeable lenses.

Now, the Galaxy Camera caused a bit of a stir due to being the first camera that combined 3G, or the ability to take a phone sim card, with a powerful,

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Sin, God …

To begin with, that «demo" we have already seen. Someone loved it, someone somewhere, but like those who do nothing good for themselves found, almost was not. And that, generally speaking, could have been foreseen long before its release. Very much was evident in advertising and on the approach to the game developers, which is preparing something big. With programmed successfully. The same blockbuster, which we are trying to say in this issue.

The tradition of the good old Soviet times requires me to describe the correct order: first it is necessary to praise, if there is a way,

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Berlin blueprints for JSS canadian navy

The Canadian government has finally selected a ship design for the Joint Support Ships being acquired for the Royal Canadian Navy as part of its National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy. After a number of false starts, Ottawa has opted for the less risky option of an off-the-shelf design in the form of the German Navy’s Berlin class task group supply vessel, rather than a completely new design from BMT Fleet Technology that was also under consideration.

The cdn$2.6 billion ships are still years away from replacing the RCN’s two Protecteur class tankers, both of which are nearly 45 years old. Seaspan

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Grace Kelly: At the root RATINGS

The inimitable way, a great self-control, proud bearing and, of course, the amazing natural beauty have become symbols of the name Grace Kelly. Her life, so at first glance like a Cinderella story, was not easy. However, thanks to its commitment and ambition, this woman was able to overcome all difficulties and to translate dreams into reality.

The family of the future princess

Grace Kelly — a symbol of the era, the dream of many of his contemporaries to marry a prince. However, she herself — long before that fateful event — has been the mistress of his life.

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Grace Kelly is often remembered as the princess of Monaco, totally oblivious to the fact that it was still gorgeous, very popular actress. Her filmography includes a little more than a dozen paintings, but what were the pictures! Its role will remain forever in the memory of viewers. Films with the participation of Grace Kelly has long been included in the collection of the best film works of the past twentieth century.


We can not say that a career in the movie Grace evolved quickly and easily. Remembering his first steps, she told me: «When I moved to

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