Похоже, что нынешний номер, несмотря на присутствие в нем легенд блэк и дарк-метала, все же носит в некоторой степени ретроградный характер. Нет, конечно, мы не делали интервью с Полом Маккартни или Питером Таушендом -однако современных групп, играющих в различных направлениях классического рока, набралось уже целых три. И все разные! В то время как Graveyard исполняют прото-хэви-метал 70-х, a Ghost делают крен в психоделику 60-х, люди из BLACK STAR RIDERS играют романтичный хард-рок, который, в принципе, мог быть сыгран в любую из эпох, но наибольшее распространение получил в конце 80-х и самом начале 90-х, незадолго до того, как умами металхедов завладела

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A detailed review of iOS 7

Tenth June, Apple introduced the first beta of iOS 7, calling it the most significant upgrade of the operating system since the release to the market of the original iPhone. «Seven» get really new, fresh, interesting operating system, but after a couple of days after the time to earn glory «share of bad design» and «killer Apple». Is it so bad iOS 7 and whether the claims are far-fetched fans iPhone? Try to understand. buoy deal


In fact, part of the iOS 7 became not so many fundamental changes. This is mainly minor improvements and several long-awaited features

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Details are the same, but the prices are different

Do you think you can save on spare parts, only by buying non-genuine? «Native» are too different what we see firsthand.

When will a major renovation, the question of economies of new detail becomes especially important. Should I look for the best price within the same city or the difference would be penny? That’s what we decided to find out.

For the purity of the experiment took particular car: Mitsubishi Lancer X with the engine 1.8 and manual transmission. Details of the value of which we requested, is sufficient demand — front disc brakes and shock absorbers, brake pads,

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Black Sabbath

Суббота, тринадцатое: Оззи как бы намекает в 1968 году гитарист Тони Айомми после распада своей предыдущей группы собирал новый коллектив и позвал туда друзей, в том числе и вокалиста Оззи Осборна. Поначалу группа играла блюз-рок, но вскоре участники, посмотрев фильм Марио Бава Black Sabbath, решили назвать группу в точности так же и начали играть тяжелый металл. Через десять лет Тони Айомми выгнал Оззи Осборна из группы за злоупотребление спиртным. Осборн занялся сольным проектом и неожиданно стал популярнее своей бывшей группы. А Айомми за несколько десятилетий так и не смог найти такого же яркого вокалиста, как Оззи.

В 2011 году произошло

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Decade InfoWatch: information flow under control

December 9 InfoWatch Group will celebrate a decade of work in the Russian and foreign markets. Understand that the LRA for the company, can be very simple: just to name its CEO — Natalya Kaspersky.

And the further we can say that in the segment of enterprise data protection at InfoWatch account for more than 50% of the market of Russia and CIS countries. It also works in Western Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

In its anniversary year, the company released a new version of the package InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise. It is built on a unique design

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Black Death


After enjoying generations of sunshine and warmer climes, Europe had undergone an unprecedented population boom that saw more people living on the continent than ever before. At the turn of the first millennium there were 24 million people in Europe, and by 1340 this had reached 54 million.

Entire countries were straining at the edges of their farmlands and eating into the forests, and the availability of food was beginning to reach the limits of population support. A dire evil, however, stalked the land, just as the Little Ice

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Department of Fuel and Energy Sector

Moscow has been developed and submitted to the

«The concept of the city target program to improve reliability of power supply of municipal facilities in Moscow in 2010-2012.»

The document was developed with the involvement of employees

RTN and operators based on a thorough analysis of the existing power supply systems and a detailed technical survey of the equipment.

The Concept provides update obsolete and often worn out of power, the introduction of automation and a unified system of dispatching management of municipal facilities that will enhance elektrobezopas of equipment, reduce the cost of operational services, and reduce the

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Black beauties

There’s a common theme running through the 6.9ha (17 acre) Southland property of Margaret Cockeram. A quick wander around and it is obvious she has a penchant for fluffy black animals, with a collection of distinctive looking Gotland Pelt sheep and the teddy bear-like Huacaya alpaca.

Amongst the 50-odd animals there are just a couple of outsiders — one grey and one white alpaca — but everything else boasts a shiny black coat. Further evidence of this is in the neatly stacked piles of alpaca and Gotland fleeces in Margaret’s storage shed that range from shimmering silvery grey to jet

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Daring frequency

Six artists that fully reflect the spirit of young music: punk from the sleeping area of ​​London, the Swedish techno and country erotomanka.

GENIUS RAP Chief Keith Chicago

Chief Keith lives in a large two-storey house in one of the northern suburbs of Chicago. Keefe — nee Keith Kozart — moved here in December, at the insistence of managers who have decided to take him away from the bandit’s South Side. However, since the rapper was often away. At the beginning of the year, he spent two months in prison, violating the rules of probation for carrying a weapon

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LANDING goes round and round …

Battalion tactical exercises with live fire — this is one of the most significant events for the Marines of any training period. In the Eastern Military District, in southern Primorye, on the territory of the polygon amphibious «clerk» this kind of combat training events are held regularly. In recent years, military training «black berets» Pacific Fleet is characterized by high intensity and the quality of working out problems. The bulk of the time the Marines carried out on field training and exercises, regardless of the time of year, weather conditions and time of day. Battalion tactical exercises (BTU) for the

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