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Create richly formatted content without typing a single line of HTML

The iPad’s a great text-editing platform, but when it comes to applying complex formatting, changing styles, and editing HTML code, things start to get a bit too complicated for the tablet. Even with an external keyboard attached, which gives easier access to the chevrons and digits used in HTML, you still spend more time than you should reaching forward to tap the screen to add a non-standard character.

Fortunately, there’s a better way. Markdown lets you apply complex formatting using common characters like [, ], tt, -, and *.

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Djigit always horseman

Script writers — Bair Abdullayev, director Arkady Inin — Meredith Atakhanov operator — Anatoly Karpukhina artist — composer Huseyn Huseynov — Alex Mazhukov soundman — BAYRAM Enchantment

Roles performed:

Dzhupbar — ALBERT Atakhanov

Alov-aga — Artyk DZHALLYEV


Nazar — Kurbangeldy ODAEV


Ata — Enchantment Khojanov

ANNA — Lucien Ovchinnikov and others

«Turkmenfilm» 1986

Color. 9 parts. 2380 m. The R / C number 1300286

22.0 / 8.4; 8.7

The film was shot in a rare and favorite genre of music the audience eccentric comedy. With enthusiasm spinning on the screen full

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Blanket statement.

How can a design this simple produce a chest this special? Well, maybe it’s the easy-to-make but elegant box joints, or possibly the old-world appeal of the routed detailing. With its low profile, it makes a great bench for pulling on your socks and shoes, yet there’s still a cavernous space for comforters and sweaters under the lid.

First, Let’s Edge-Join Our Stock.

1. From 3/4-thick stock, cut 16 pieces to 3 1/2X44″ for the lid (A) and front and back (B). (We selected clear pine.) Next, cut 10 pieces of the same stock to 3 1/2X19″ for the ends

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Jerk: where to throw and why

Reed wall.

If it is really almost monolithic wall in which the cane stalks are located very close to each other, pike often stands on the edge of the thicket, sticking one’s head and waiting for its prey. It is very important to the direction of casting jerk. I try to get as close as possible to the edge of the cane so that the bait when posting walked along the wall. It is often met with a situation where the pike jerk react to only in cases when it held no more than a foot from the undergrowth.

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Blackstrap molasses

Get sweet on this bold-tasting syrup

HOW IT HEALS In case the old saying «slow as molasses» doesn’t inspire you to rush out for a bottle of the famously thick syrup, consider this: blackstrap molasses— the bittersweet liquid left over after sugar crystals have been extracted from sugar cane—has more antioxidants than most other sweeteners, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association in 2009. «These antioxidants squelch free radicals that lead to different disease states and poor immune health,» says Michelle Babb, MS, RD, a nutritionist at Bastyr University. Unlike highly refined sweeteners such

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Jeff Hanneman

May 2, 2013 Siena suffered heavy that perhaps the heaviest loss since the murder of Darrell "Dimebag" Abbot. Around 11 in the morning at a hospital in Southern California from acute liver failure Jeff Hanneman died — guitarist and one of the founders of SLAYER, he was 49 years old.

From all fours, Jeff has always been the quietest and most imperceptible. Everyone knows Kerry King, because that’s what he said. mainly deals with the press and is, so to speak, a secret "face" group. Tom everyone knows, because he smiles all the time and in general — the

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Stepan Vartanov (fiction story «

Alarm trenknul fun. He paused, gathering his strength, and gave a cheerful trill — whether a bird, or a dolphin. Gently flickered and lit the light whirred, pushing, shutters,

«Light — thought Casimir, swaying heavily from a lying to a sitting position. — So, the window again this crap. «

He stood up, his hands resting on his knees, stood up, stretching his back — did not seem to hurt — and proshlёpal the bathroom. Then, short, still turned to the window — look at the weather.

Contrary to fears, smog outside was not,

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Jason Sudeikis

This guy can easily portray anyone — buttoned Republican, liberal and even sarcastic devil himself. Of course, the star of the American sketch show «Saturday Night Life» — a real guru of reincarnation. Recently, comedian explores new roles in real life — for example, the popular Hollywood actor (film «We — the Millers» with Jason in the title role in rolling out August 15), and a happy groom: Sudeikis recently became engaged to a beauty Olivia Wilde.

Feminine look

We asked three actresses tell Jason what we do not know about it.

Jennifer Aniston


«I was

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BLACKSTAR Artisan 15 & HT Stage 60

Valves are the name of the game with both these Blackstar amps, but one is aiming for purity and simplicity while the other is gunning for more power and versatility at a great price. Review by Huw Price

Blackstar makes an amp to suit just about anybody, and this month we’re taking a close look at two very different models: a 15W handwired 1×12″ combo and a much larger and more complex 60W 1×12″ combo.


As 15W amps go, this one is pretty large. The finger-jointed birch plywood cabinet houses a single Celestion G12M greenback speaker, but there’s

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Blackmore Rising

Итак, каковы же были причины реформирования Rainbow?

«Я полагаю, что мне просто захотелось снова заняться той музыкой, которую я делал когда организовал Rainbow в первый раз», — поясняет Блэкмор. «Я собрал группу парней, которые как мне показалось могли бы сделать эту работу очень хорошо, Я был крайне недоволен тем, что мне приходилось делать в последнее время в Deep Purple. Мои корни — вот причина того, что я захотел снова заняться этим проектом. Я чувствовал, что у Deep Purple не осталось шансов на развитие. Особенно из-за вокала — это было основной проблемой. Остальные участники были очень хорошими музыкантами, но это значит

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