Dima Masyuchenko

«Love — it’s so unpredictable thing, that it is impossible to predict!»

In our category "NEW" we tell you about a young, talented people who have achieved something, or just starting out. Today on the pages of our magazine you have the opportunity to learn about the talented, open, kind man who conquered all her songs with deep meaning — Dime Masyuchenko! Dima is known to fans of the TV project «talent Ukraine May 5». His lyrics — it’s not just words.

In their soul, deep thoughts, experiences. His songs touch deeply, to tingling of the skin. You listen,

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Wild at Heart

I must say that the WMC was one of the few (very few) of toys, the waiting period is from the «trial» before the release seemed unbearably long time … As of despair replayed a thousand rows demo not to lose one’s attraction, but sowed the seeds of the soul vaguely unsure.

Indeed, in the full version there is nothing that would be absent in the «demo» … The new tanks are not in the bill. The principle of all WMC, if anyone has forgotten, is extremely simple: collect all the different colored capsules — you pass the level.

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Blues Horizons

Top Topham, the Yardbirds’ first lead guitarist, quit just before the group flew into pop’s highest stratosphere. Alan Clayson lends an ear to his story.

ecisions made in our youth can echo on for the rest of our lives, and rock and roll can have an especially cruel way of highlighting the difference between ‘what is’ and ‘what might have been’. Long ago, in 1963’s rainy autumn, lead guitarist Top Topham was urged by his parents to quit the Yardbirds, the group he’d launched a few months earlier with singing harmonica-blower Keith

Relf, drummer Jim

McCarty, rhythm guitarist

Chris Dreja

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It has long been revered as a wild rose bush of love, and its berries are required to be members of each «love drink». Nowadays, wild rose is valued for its incomparable healing properties. For example vitamin C in the fruits of this shrub is 50 times more than the lemon. as fruits, leaves and petals of rose hips contain a lot of vitamins B, K, P and carotene.

In addition to vitamins rose hips are rich in organic acids, essential oils, trace elements and minerals. Rosehip seeds contain oil and vitamin E. The petals give humanity the precious

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Blue Nose Herks

Robert F Dorr joins a New York Air National Guard Hercules on an Arctic deployment as part of the annual Exercise Arctic Research Environment Activity ’93.

ON APRIL 20, 1993 at 08:30, this author climbed out of a Lockheed Hercules at Ruby, an Arctic Ocean ice camp situated north of all land on Earth. Here, wind rushes across an eerie expanse of white, glaring in the high, 24-hour sun. An outpost of metal huts on second-year ice, Ruby is bright-lit but frigid: the temperature is -45°C.

Here, cold takes on a new meaning. On this high ice, north of Greenland,

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Wild Wind

Script writers — Zivojin Pavlovic, IGOR Bulgarian, Victor Smirnov directors — Alexander Petkovic, Valerie Jereghi operator — Vadim Yakovlev artists — Nemanja Petrovic, NIKOLAI APOSTOLIDI composer — sound engineer Eugen Doga — I. ZHAKICH

Roles performed:

Nat — Lyubov Polishchuk

Nikolai — VICTOR Proskurin

Carmelita — Svetlana Toma

Angelina — ELENA Kondulainen

Zlata — SYLVIA Berova

Costa Sekulic — MILAN PUZICH

Svetozar — Svetozar FLOWERS

Mitre — Bronislaw LECHICH

Nesterovich — George Montgomery

German officer — ROBERT DALE Cummings

«Moldova-Film» (USSR) —

• FILM-Danas. (SFRY)


Imprint according to the permissive certificate.

3 .2 / 5

The action of

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Blue edges

You turn on your high-speed grinder. You offer up the bevel of your carving tool to the spinning wheel. Sparks fly. All’s going well, then — oh no! Suddenly, before you can react, a part of the cutting edge turns blue…

Bluing edges is a calamity: the blue colour marks where the temper — the hardness that the manufacturer imposed on the blade — has been destroyed. The blued part of the cutting edge is now soft; it will dull very quickly, even bend, next time you carve.

What can you do?

Other than re-temper your carving tool, nothing —

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Dietary advice

Fruit soup

You will need: 0.5 kg of cherries or cherry wood, 2 small oranges, 1 liter of water, cinnamon pinch, 1 tbsp. spoon of starch, half a cup of sugar.

With oranges cut peel, cloves peeled and partitions. Peel cut into strips, put in a gauze bag and boil water. Cook for 5 minutes, remove, put the washed cherry and orange pulp, add sugar, cinnamon. Bring to a boil, pour diluted in half a glass of water starch, stir, remove from heat. When serving, you can put in a bowl of marigold petals.

hearty dinner

Try to cook

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DIVERSIFICATION OF PRODUCTION AS A STAGE technology that uses specific assets

Conceptual approaches to the analysis of the process of diversification of production

Currently, in the context of the search mechanisms of achieving sustainable economic growth is widely discussed possibility of using the strategy of diversification. However, in consideration of this problem is not clear clarity in the relationship of the concept of diversification to other economic categories — growth, technological change, production structure, export, etc.

Diversification is not a process of increasing the number of industries or companies. The growing number of companies that manufacture products of various product groups, is differentiation. Diversification is the process of increasing the

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Blown & Brutal

Turbocharging MV Agusta’s Brutale

Somewhere in the vast, click-bait wasteland of YouTube is a video of a tuned Toyota Celica with all its radiator hoses blowing o in unison. That’s what happens when you get greedy with turbo boost and try to contain too much of it behind a flimsy stock head gasket. And that’s just a flesh wound. Turbo builders aren’t just resourceful wrenches, they’re curators of museums of melted pistons, cracked cylinder heads, and assorted other components pushed beyond the breaking point.

Building turbocharged motorcycles is even worse. In a car’s engine room, there’s at least space to

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