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Is there any routine maintenance needed for my washer?

Most washers require a routine maintenance. One of the many ways of doing it is to leave the washing machine lid open when it is not in use. This allows moisture to escape, preventing the growth of mould and mildew. Follow recommendations given by your washing machine’s manufacturer when loading your unit. An overloaded machine will not work efficiently and can be damaged by the extra weight. Furthermore, keeping it level helps reduce noise and additional wear and tear. Every once in a while, give your machine a good wash by filling it with water and detergent and run it at 90 degrees Celsius. Residues in detergent and fabric softener drawers can encourage growth of microbes. Clean the drawer and the recessed space periodically and let fresh air circulate a little before putting the drawer back. Another thing to take note of is clearing your washing machine’s lint filter and pin trap.

Alternatively, get a washing machine that comes with self-cleaning features. That will save you from doing most of the maintenance work.

Top-loading machines are equipped with either an agitator or an impeller. The advantages of using these models are their relatively lower price tag, large capacity and faster wash cycles.

Front-loading machines, on the other hand, operates by moving around clothes in a spinning drum. These units generally have lower ongoing costs, higher water and energy efficiency and gentler operations. Their compact design makes them a suitable for small spaces. You can even stack a dryer on it!

I am working lady and do not have time for household chores. What type of washing machines will be more suitable for me?

A small, compact washer-dryer combo will be ideal for you. If you often rush for time, look into the length of the laundry process of a machine before you buy. Also, look out for machines that offer short washing cycles.

What are the latest models or features that help save water, electricity consumption, or come with safety features?

Look out for labels that indicate the machine’s water and energy efficiency. Some labels show a scale of zero to ten rated in stars; the more stars, the more water/energy efficient the product is. As for safety, most front-loading machines and some top-loading ones have an automatic lock function that stops the lid from opening while the drum is spinning.

I have a family of four. How do I choose a washing machine with the right size and capacity?

Choose a medium-sized washing machine with 6kg to 7kg capacity.

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