Bass House and Garage

Manufacturer Loopmasters

Price £29.95



Following in the wake of the more aggressive sounds of dubstep and electro, the British house music scene is thriving at the moment, with artists such as Shadow Child, Dusky, Disclosure and Eats Everything blending aspects of deep house, jungle, garage and R&B to form a warmer sound for the dance floor. Bass House and Garage is a new pack that aims to combine these elements, and is produced by Loopmasters regular Andy Lee.

The pack contains a total of 366 loops and 153 one-shots and is available in multiple file formats, including Reason ReFill and Live Pack. You’ll find folders for drums, bass, synth and vocal FX loops, which are available to buy separately should you wish to add just certain types of sounds to your collection.

As we’ve come to expect from Lee’s previous libraries, the production is crisp and powerful, combining modern digital sounds with a round, analogue finish. The bumping drums include some interesting kick rhythms and are divided into different layered versions, although the lack of a consistent file-naming convention makes this a little confusing.

On the bass front you have mostly stab-based grooves plus a range of garage-style FM and 808 sounds alongside some more resonant, main-room riffs with a beefy-sounding low end. Finally, there’s a whole load of deep and techy synth loops as well as a handful of fairly predictable vocal FX chops. Most of the loops are recorded fairly clean and dry, although some feature a touch of ambience that helps to liven them up. On the one hand, this potentially makes it much easier to add your own effects and chop things around, but it also means that many of the sounds are quite similar and somewhat lacking in personality. This is emphasised by the drum hits – which, although solid, lack something in terms of originality and variety – and the disappointing number of FX and bass sounds. The excellent collection of 31 synth stabs, however, are arguably the best part of the pack, and could be used to create your own tight chord patterns.

Overall, we found the pack a little bit uninspiring and erring towards the safe side. That said, we certainly can’t fault the production values, and if you want a solid starting point on which to build your own creative ideas, this could be well worth a look.

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