Bosnias First Modernised Hip Delivered

THE FIRST overhauled and modernised Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Force and Air Defence (BiH ZSiPZO) Mil Mi-8MTV-1 Hip-H medium transport helicopter arrived at Rajlovac Heliport near Sarajevo on February 8. The upgrade was carried out at the Aviakon aviation repair plant at Konotop, Ukraine (see feature on p38-39). Under a contract with Ukrspetsexport, five Mi-8s are being modernized, comprising two Mil Mi-8MTV-ls, a Mi-17 based at Rajlovac, and two older Mi-8T Hip-Cs from Zaluzani Heliport near Banja Luka.

The two Mi-8MTV-ls will also be adapted to NATO/ICAO standards under the Package 1 programme, making them compatible for night vision goggles (NVG) and

SPH-4B helmets, plus installing communication, navigation and identification equipment. The latter includes a Rockwell-Collins AN/ARC-182 multi-band tactical radio, Bendix/King KMA-24H-70 intercom, RDR-2000 weather radar, KMD-850 multi-function display (MFD), KLN-94 global positioning system (GPS) and KI-825 electronic horizontal situation indicator (EHSI). Additionally, a KN-53 VOR/ LOC/GS navigation receiver, KI-206 close distance indicator (CDI), KR-87-15 automatic direction finder (ADF), KN-63 distance measuring equipment (DME), KI-229 radio magnetic indicator (RMI), KR-22 marker beacon receiver, KCS-55A compass system and KT-73 mode S transponder have been installed.

The two Mi-8MTV-ls will also be fitted with a new SLG-300 winch. The package enables these helicopters to take part in NATO exercises and fly in international airspace under IFR rules and in all weather conditions.

The sole Mi-17 modified for VIP transport and the two Mi-8Ts will be equipped under the Package 2 programme with Russian R-863 radio but without NVG and SLG-300 modifications. Only one of the Mi-8Ts will have the weather radar installed.

After the modifications, the Hips are being allocated new serials. The first Mi-8 MTV-1 to be completed, formerly VF-2814, has now been re-serialled A-2604. All five are scheduled for completion by April 1.

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