As the heat of sorrow.

As the heat of sorrow.

Built a children’s choir. All the girls, girls, girls. And on the flanks of them a few boys. Dressed all festive. And they ring the song, second, third. In one of these words: "Beautiful world, and we have to be in it beautiful!" Other children read poems. Dance. So opened Russian exhibition of children’s drawings "Pushkin and Moscow" Republican State Children’s Library in the Kaluga area.

Now in the world of adults, no, no yes and you will hear that de Pushkin obsolete, outdated that it does not meet the intense rhythm of our days, that he … What it is outdated, if a ten-year Sasha Volkov in Naro-Fominsk and painstakingly sculpts inspired pieces of fabric emotionally intense color appliqué on motives "The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish"If fifteen Jeanne Svirnina in the village Stodolische Smolensk region, unfamiliar with the technique of the mosaic (where her know it!), Captures the way her portrayal of Alexander in the likeness of a mosaic, pasting on cardboard fine as beads, stones, and eight-year-il Maslova from Mytischi name Pushkin led to the creation of unparalleled zelenovlasoy and zelenoteloy "Mermaids". No paint Pushkin children does not oblige, and they — all over Russia — draw, draw, draw.

At the beginning of this summer contest for children on the theme of the exhibition Pushkin Nakata waves with The Knight of the depths of the sea — one after another. Shortly after the opening of the Republican, organized by the Association of International Cultural and Humanitarian Relations and International Children’s Art Gallery, which from all over Russia came to more than one thousand two hundred works in a magnificent exhibition hall "Solianke" vernissage of the exhibition was held in Moscow, prepared by the Department of Culture of the Central District of Moscow and the Moscow Cultural Foundation. In her exhibition features 140 items — paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics.

In those days in the children’s art gallery, an exhibition of Volgograd, which sent Russian children as much, about seventeen hundred of his drawings. Eight of them were included in the exhibition. There is no doubt that these three exhibitions birthday of Pushkin is not ogranichilos.Avtoru these lines was not able to see the exhibition in Volgograd, but I think that she is in Moscow, was a major, celebration, color. After all, children drew Pushkin! In essence, painted as a gift for his birthday. The Moscow exhibition became a holiday for participants, and for adults.

This article I started writing a month after the opening day. I spread out on a table with photos of works. And again I felt the joy. What passion Pushkin! What rapture color! And he varied color. What a lot of scenes, composite moves. What is the genuine experience of the depicted!

By embracing the theme of Pushkin, young artists, of course, in many ways still do not own material. One does not know how to construct a coach, draws a box without springs. I do not know how to connect with the carriage shafts. Another puts on the Neva embankment electric lights which were not in Pushkin. The third bridge across the Neva spread overnight. Bascule bridge across the Neva in Pushkin was not there. Another author unknown device fireplace. Someone painting scene of the ball, puts his hands on the dancer’s black gloves. In children below the officer can waltz with a sword at his side.

It’s like that. But let’s not critical frown on such errors. Children are children. With them is the demand that with adults. There is another measure of responsibility. Moreover, the lack of knowledge, they often compensate qualities enviable for other masters, wise knowledge and experience. Eight-year-Koksharova Lena composition "Frost and sun" clinging snowman dressed in colorful modern children’s knitwear. But it occurred to illuminate at the same time because of snow and sky landscape in different colors of the rainbow that appeared in the sheet feeling sunny winter rejoicing. Such intuitive findings at exhibitions in Moscow shows a lot. Note the bright performance of children from Izhevsk, Uglich, Novouralsk and cities Forest Sverdlovsk region, Vladivostok. Of course, their success due to the talented work of teachers.

From Yerevan arrived and took a prominent place in the hall "Solianke" "The Golden Cockerel" Vazgen Dalakyan nine years. I arrived not alone, but surrounded by other works of Armenian children who want to become participants of the exhibition in Moscow. Not dimmed Pushkin for Armenian children. Cockerel Dalakyan as emotional as well rises to the degree symbol epigraph, concepts, like the white swan in gouache nine Ivanova Rita "Bumblebee Prince turned round"As Pushkin himself in portraits Medvedeva Thani and Mordvinova Dashi (both 9 years old) from Uglich or Alexeyeva Lena (13 years) from Krasnopresnenskaya school in Moscow.

Shows clearly shown the evolution of the age of participants. If the seven-year Teryaeva Vare he gave her age the possibility of uncontrolled childish ecstasy "work on the way Kota"Then fifteen Tanya Zaitseva "Pushkin on the walk" already feels the power angle, power, space and colors. Without mastering the basics of a serial graphic reading and writing is not given. Gradually, in the course of study was to intense complexity of color and composition in twelve Volkova Light Plural sheet "Roma noisy crowd". The jury did the right thing taking into account in determining the age of the awards. The same requirements apply to the authors of all ages would be absurd.

Organize working field pattern, work intelligently separate the random from the fact — to this are teachers of children in different schools: in the 1st art school in the 6th Art School, the 12th school-studio "Home" and others.

Experience shows that the artist released the nature of talent is only possible to realize a permanent work, methodical cognition. Attraction to work as a regular artist of joy, to the study of material needed much in the collective work of school-studio "Home". The sculpture is made of paper "Pushkin and Natalia" or silhouette song "Pushkin Ball" swoop to do. It is important sequence of work while maintaining enthusiasm they have. Just as in a large sheet of Sasha Naumova "Pushkin Family".

And Republican, and at the Moscow exhibition turned out to be few cases of regard for the plain-old samples typical western toon, persistently fill the TV screen, and now the children’s books. Brightness of Pushkin’s works, the personality and destiny of Pushkin, familiarizing students to live the beauty of reality led to a deeply personal work, personally experienced. In the interpretation of many of Pushkin’s portraits are also encouraged independence ideas about it. Overt or covert redraw with portraits of Pushkin, executed by our classics, exhibitions too, but they do not determine the overall sound exposure.

Unfortunately, the limits of the journal publication not possible to reproduce all worthy of the reader’s attention the work and list towns and villages of Russia, which has created sent to Moscow excellent drawings on the theme of Pushkin.

I am sure that all the children draw, but usually they are not saved pictures. Despite its simplicity, they possess the qualities of museum exhibits to be carefully preserved. They are uniquely and accurately in their own way reflect reality.

Boys are attracted heroic theme (I have two adult sons and three grandchildren, all of whom at one time painted war, tanks and weapons, listened to my stories and quite accurately reproduced on paper. I am a war veteran, a former gunner on a tank). Girls attracts peaceful scene recreation.

So in this exhibition dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the great poet, we have presented a variety of children’s drawings, loving the works of Pushkin. I liked the pictures of Irina Kachalova "Still Life with a death mask «etching ink Volodya Kozlov to the tale "Ruslan and Ludmila", Works: "Pushkin Ball" and "Nevsky Avenue" and many others. All of them allow you to clearly feel the atmosphere of those distant days, feel the rhythm of their breathing, and the power of thought of the great Pushkin. I, my sons and grandchildren are proud to belong to the great old poet!

Culture is alive talent, and talent always has a name, a personality. But to discover the identity and give her hope — not enough, we need conditions for its realization. The exhibition of children’s drawings nothing but a revival of our culture. To be a worthy successor to our former high spirituality, we need considerable intellectual power, daring spirit, without which it does not rise to the heights.

Wise Pushkin was able at the time to comprehend the nature of the Russian soul, and this has become even more loved by the people.

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