Clive Burr (03.08.1957 — 12.03.2013)

"With great sadness we announce that Clive Burr died last night. For many years he suffered from a serious illness — multiple sclerosis and died peacefully in his bed in his sleep" — A line from the group’s official statement, which appeared March 12, 2013, were supplemented and personal condolences of its members.

Bruce Dickinson, for example, noted that Clive "He was a great guy and a man who lived life to the fullest"And "even in the most difficult days I did not lose his presence of mind and a sense of humor". "Perhaps it is — the best drummer in the history of the group. I have nothing against his successor Nico MakBrayana. In technical terms, Nico perhaps be far more competent than Clive. But he played with quite indescribable feeling, and it is perfectly audible …" Bassist and founding member, Steve Harris also could not remain silent: "This is very sad news. Clive was an old friend to us all. He was a good man and a great drummer who made a huge contribution to the Maiden in the days when we first started. It is a sad day for everyone in the group and to those who knew Clive."

But that’s only been there for Clive Harris, a friend, and in general, if he had friends among the musicians of Iron Maiden? Is it possible? After all, we know — 37 years alone he rules in the collective metallic iron hand, taking the often rigid and not very pleasant solution, sacrificing all in the name of his brainchild, his group continues to move forward. Rather, he says, and always does what you need. Happy is he? Is it easy? We do not know what really feels almighty Steve. Who are we to judge him? Let’s just say — God Save Harris and Iron Maiden, and just Remember "Private" Bёrra …

March 8, 1957 mediocre, in general, from the English family is not entirely populated central and district migrant workers Manor Park (in London’s East End) received some kind of holiday gift — they had a boy. International Women’s Day — the most it! However, in England, then or now about this festival is simply not heard. Like everything else in the civilized world. Celebrating "international" holiday only on the territory of Russia and Ukraine, and even then not all, thank God. For us, definitely, it’s still a special day, but for different reasons. It’s the birthday of the main drummer Iron Maiden — Clive Bёrra! That was the name of the "March" boy. They lived poor little, but together, in public housing. Zlata-silver they did things. In fact, even then, to buy a small Clive even the tiniest drum kit had no money. So, going to school, he fashioned it himself, and his mother, Clara, recalled that he was at every opportunity "accepted ‘tapping something in various subjects to which he could reach". Well, what else could he do … Nevertheless, we can see to what he "dostukalsya"! But not once, not immediately … First, to fifteen years, he still got a real setting — helped the rich relatives from the mother. By doing good work, then she began to hide from neighbors, because we believe that they are concerned about noise. But the lesson did not prevent his son, and recalled that even she who had no musical training, reasonably thought he was pretty good knocks! Perhaps the neighbors also share this view and did not complain, and classes Clive successfully continued. Independent. Officially, he had not taken lessons, but his professional career started early. "I’ve always wanted to play the drums. In those days I was not the number of regular at some group just performed at pubs with different compositions, although even this was too young — it was still a minor! But the drums I just went crazy". He went crazy and Ian Paice of Deep Purple. All say that he strongly influenced the style of Clive, and partly because at first Iron Maiden compared and even proclaimed "second Deep Purple"In this there is to his credit …

But before Iron Maiden still had to live. His first "official" the band was called Maya, where he met bassist and guitarist Chris Eymlerom, which will soon drag it to Samson. Where is happening in those days he was still a mess … Head-ended, Paul Samson was then absolutely no musicians, but the concert schedule he had painted for years to come. In this part of performances he is also "I owed". Advocate had just two times a day — and if Paul himself could not accept this, no other musicians with such a load could not agree. Then Paul collected two trains — one he "closed debts"And the second, in which just entered Eymler and Burr, worked, so to speak, for the future. This to them periodically, one-two shows, even joined the guitarist, the vocalist, but always something "not fused"And they again and again appeared on stage three. 220 times a year and a half! Studio Plus — they had been recorded and released in the autumn of 1978 Lightning Records label single Telephone ‘. From today’s composition of Samson Eymler-Burr differently than supergroup will not name. But then … it was just three little-known musician. And for them it is still just beginning. The turning point came at the end of 1978, on the eve of New Year holidays. Neal Kay, a promoter and manager of an underground club Soundhouse, started a series of concerts under the common modular sign Bandwagon. One program included Samson, Iron Maiden and Angelwitch. And these names then thundered — with the publication of the journalists Sounds Jeff Burton of these performances started a real heavy metal boom not only in the UK but around the world!

Noting with regret that none of that "golden" Trio Samson today is no longer alive. In 2007, the club was demolished and Soundhouse (it was located in the premises of the pub ‘Prince of Wales’) — and in its place erected some absurd and faceless office building … But let’s go back to those glorious days when all were still alive and all stood in their places. So, Samson since things went uphill, but Clive Burr decided nevertheless to part with them. According to him, it happened like this: "One day I was called by Dennis Stratton (guitarist of Iron Maiden) and said that they are looking for a new drummer. Steve Harris and manager Rod Smallwood came to a little pub, where I normally «schlock.» They were able to meet with me, and at the same time once more to make sure in my abilities. A few days later I called back and asked to come to the rehearsal". And from December 26, 1978, he was already a member of another group actually — Iron Maiden. Interestingly, in Samson when he was replaced by … a former drummers Iron Maiden, Barry Graham Perquis (aka Thunderstick and puts on concerts sadomasochistic black helmet). Also Samson and sang Bruce Dickinson — but this is, after Clive had gone out, so that they met much later.

As commonly understood, the predecessor Clive Bёrra in Maiden, Doug Sampson, just could not stand tight touring schedule, and completely undermined the health, indulging in all sorts of bad habits; for a novice such as intensive work was not something out of the ordinary. Besides Clive realized that he would not run in vain — there was a serious approach to business: they had a clear schedule of rehearsals and recordings, which is strictly enforced. I keep track of all, of course, Steve Harris. And Clive always recognized his leadership. "Steve was the chief, that’s for sure. He composed songs, it negotiated the speeches, it was the schedule of rehearsals. He decides for himself. He knew where to go — and we just followed him … But we all get along, and the relations in the group were quite companionable". Participation with Iron Maiden took a while — and then threw his Clive "civil" job — courier in downtown, in the city. Beginning of a great time in the life of Clive Bёrra group and Iron Maiden, and all the events of that period has been written quite a lot — to put it briefly, then together they literally ascended to the musical Olympus … Clive participated in the recording of such records as’ The Soundhouse Tapes ‘(EP, 1979),’ Iron Maiden ‘(1980),’ Killers’ (1981), ‘Maiden Japan’ (EP; 1981) and, of course, ‘The Number Of The Beast’ (1982). The last drive was the most important thing for him and for the team. If previous works it was only a performer, but this time made already as a composer. As a collaborator, he is mentioned in connection with the tracks "Gangland" and "Total Eclipse"But I’m not going to dwell on all this — the details, I hope you’ve already read. But I must say that at the same time for Clive This album was also the last studio work with the group. V1982, during the American tour in support of it, part of it is left.

Why Clive Burr left Iron Maiden? This question is for fans of bands like Shakespeare "to be or not to be"; it is one of the most important issues in the history of heavy music … But the Burr answers it is quite simple. "This decision was accepted by the group, or rather, the man who led it. Clearly, what I say about Steve Harris. It was from the outset of his group. I personally never said anything like — well, all I’ve had enough, I quit. I just took their decision as it is. Que Sera, Sera …"

But why Steve Harris do that? Let’s try to understand. Outwardly, it looked like this. Somewhere in the midst of a tour of America Clive caught a phone call. One call that changes your life — every one of us goes through this … So, Clive reported that his father, Ronald (he was then 57 years old), whom he loved very much, died suddenly of a heart attack. And he had to return to London, to the family. It was then the principal, the other did not matter. Other musicians like supported him — yes, Clive, go home, stay with my family, we’re somehow will understand! He departed for London’s fastest flight taking insanely expensive ticket at supersonic "Concord" (then they flew …). He was replaced by the drummer of the French band Trust Nico MakBrayan. They knew each other, almost friends. So everything was in order. Clive about anything not to worry. Nico took part in concerts before, but not on a stage as a drummer, and a mask, Eddie, that was part of the show. "I knew that Nico’s a good guy and a good drummer. He loved the band, he liked to be a part of it. And the other guys like it too". Two weeks later, Clive returned to the States … and immediately felt that it was wrong. The atmosphere was some tense. He was invited to the general meeting of staff and Steve Harris directly "in Chapayevsk" He stated: "We discussed it here and I have decided … It is time to take a break in our cooperation! Return Single back home …" Officially, Clive, so he left for family reasons. At home in England, he caught someone widespread rumors that he "completely spoiled". "I did what he wanted". "abuse" and "the consequences of his wild parties began to affect the quality of performances", a "next to the drums had to constantly raise the bucket, because it is continually sick". Frankly, he was surprised. Of course, white wings behind him was not observed. But he had sinned, he said, "no more and no less than anyone else in the group". Except for the great sin that vintage "Courvoisier" he sometimes bodyazhil cola … "We were all just … Such uniforms schoolboys, none of us had ever been directly manna from heaven — a lot of parties, girls offered themselves vying with each other …". But he did not allow himself to one, they say the Chukchi, "vodka drink, the land lie"!

There was, of course, one episode in Edinburgh, but in 1980. Then, at the hands of the technicians had to make it to the stage and put on the drums; Perhaps, then, and I put the bucket. But the reason was, as they say, not abuse — it was hard to stomach upset. However, the concert he played, and even fainted, not getting up from the drums, so back it, too, had to claim. But — played! No, that he skimped on its responsibilities, blaming him it was no way …

"I think they were my reasons" — So happened, sadly wave of his hand, he spoke of the harsh actions of his comrades. But I do not call these reasons. Inadvertently did so loved Clive Bruce Dickinson. Read-ka again his words at the beginning of this article. Yes Yes.. "In technical terms, Nico, perhaps, much more competent than Clive". That’s all. Just for Iron Maiden found a better drummer. Clive Burr, of course, a good guy — but he was not the first and he did not last. Accusations "revelry" It became simply an occasion, and the death of his father (oh and bad …) — a convenient moment. But it’s just business. Nothing personal. It’s nobody’s fault. Iron Maiden — a machine. These wheels. Wheels or cool as it should be, or they are replaced.

However, it was Bruce Dickinson, it seems, and worries about it more than anyone else — more and more. Even before the death of Clive, he often repeated: "I’m still ashamed of what we did with Clive … without giving him time to recover". Note — he says "we". While it is clear that no "we" group never existed. Or that "we" just keep quiet and did not want to sacrifice themselves. But this is a completely standard situation, is not it?

"Let’s not get into that" — Said "we" and waved his hand; we also will not. Corp. Iron Maiden yanked to new creative and economic success, and Clive Burr — in London, and then to Germany, where his relatives tried to somehow survive the death of the husband of his mother. "I’m sad about Dad, sad about the lost dream of a group … but did not grieve long — life is too short for that!" And he, too, waved his hand, or rather, waved his hands tightly gripping his drumsticks. Thank God, he had to keep them still could. And I start all over again! "I just wanted to play. I pulled her hair in a ponytail, wearing dark glasses and was ready to play with all those who wanted to hire me for any pubs." But as long as he remained in Germany, former colleagues called him Nico McBrien of Trust — they struck suddenly truly Jesuit idea, and they decided to sit Clive himself on drums. He agreed — rented a car and drove to Paris to rehearse. It became clear that they worked, there was a joint album ‘Trust IV (1983). Concerts, however, was not — and indeed the band broke up in 1984.

A was replaced by the well-known at the time the project Alcatrazz with Graham Bonnet and Yngwie Malmsteen. But as the work they conducted in the United States, and Clive away from home did not want to leave, he stayed in this part of the supergroup only one week. And against him "periodic and remote ‘mind works management. Clive was still clear "homebody"! He even bought a house not far from the place where he was born and grew up in the area of ​​Redbridge in east London. However, he did not lose anything -Alcatrazz failed to achieve notable success.

Well, a few months after the incident with Alcatrazz he met in London with Paul Di’Anno, also once expelled from Iron Maiden, and they decided to take up the case together — to help realize the idea of ​​the producer Jonathan King, suddenly compose a couple of hit songs. They joined Maiden guitarist Janick future Gero and former guitarist Pete Willis Def Leppard. Ingredients went fairly strong. "It was a project Gogmagog … It felt that it was another large group, something that will certainly "shoot, something great … We were trying to get this done. But only managed that record one EP in 1985. Suddenly Management ceased to support us". Advertising company, in his opinion, just "failed"Although the band was excellent …

Then there was a project involving musicians brothers Troy and Bernie Shaw of Praying Mantis — Clive Burr’s Escape, also known as Tygon, aka Stratas, aka Stratus, released only one album — ‘Throwing Shapes’ (1984). With Praying Mantis later, in 1995, he still had, by the way, to record «Japanese» live album — ‘Captured Alive In Tokyo City’. In 1988, he knocked on the disc ‘Sovereign Remedy’ others of his countrymen, Elixir, which somehow predicted a great future … The future, then they turned (the group is still sort of there), but his greatness — is the big question! And in the same year, German television has decided to please all "amusing" Project Far Corporation — producer Frank Farian Vopeu M Clive Bёrru and invited him. He flew to Germany — and there is nothing to do and did not have to! It took just a game to portray the sound recording, before the cameras, and the song ‘Sebastien’ has already been pre-recorded by other musicians. For fun (and for the sake of money, too), I took part in this circus and the old Paul Samson …

One of the most promising, but was not widely recognized projects has become well known to many music lovers Desperado. It formed after the collapse of Dee Snider Twisted Sister, and invited to, among other Torma Bernie (who worked with Gillan and Osborne). Links Dee Snider was kind of like. "But everything ended up in the group invest money nobody wanted. Our label decided to do no longer communicate with the publication of rock bands". Yes, the company Elektra album ‘Bloodied But Unbowed’ not released — and it did Destroyer Records independent label in 1996 alone. The work of a bunch of interested rabid fans Twisted Sister, collecting everything connected with their idols.

But by the time Clive longer cared about other things. Back in the early ’90s, he began to notice strange things for themselves. "I started to drop everything … could hardly something to pick up. Including sometimes could not even hold the drumsticks". I had to see a doctor. This survey took months — analyzes, pictures, advice. And in 1994 he was diagnosed — progressive multiple sclerosis.

Multiple sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, has no relation to the weakening of memory. Sclerosis in general — is the process of replacing all the connective tissue to normal tissue. Roughly speaking, all reminiscent of the formation of ugly scars on the place where you are deeply hurt yourself — at the wound site appears sluggish, and dense whitish scar. And if for some reason, the "injured" brain cells that, for example, sensitivity and motion? If the centers of the lesions are numerous? Tripe — not nervous tissue, it is no function other than reimbursement of the volume does not perform. So that movement and sensitivity are violated. That is the essence of multiple sclerosis.

No one knows its causes (although important risk factors are considered to be stress and lack of sunlight). Clive Burr, as you remember, Albion left reluctantly, and as stress … What is there to speak! After successes in 1982 he was not spoiled. I must say that he fell ill shortly before the forty. Statistics show that the disease occurs in such a late age is very rare, but if there is — in the most dangerous, primary progressive form. And quickly renders a person disabled. With less malignant forms of the patient gradually (years, decades) loses the capacity for precise movements, walking, impaired vision, the sensitivity of the pelvic organs (urination, sexual function), often suffering psyche, intellect. As a result, as a rule, a person needs constant care and can live only in special circumstances. But by itself does not kill multiple sclerosis. Die patients usually from complications — pneumonia and urinary tract infections.

In our time, people with MS live tolerably well for a long time, especially in the West, where the level of medicine and life in general is quite high. Even if the primary pro-gressiruyuschey form of the disease. But the essence remains the same. An outstanding drummer and a half decades has turned into an absolute disabled. Of course, he tried not to publicize their illness, and how is it possible — although it left the scene, and dramatically changed his lifestyle. Concerts of his former comrades, and so he basically did not attend since 1982. And now too I did not want to see anyone — why reopen the past, because the doctors recommended to avoid stress! He communicates only with Adrian Smith — while he was still in power, sometimes went with him on a fishing trip. Obviously, he was aware of the case — but also nothing. Incidentally, he also visited "in the skin" Bёrra — from 1990 to 1999 as part of its Iron Maiden was not.

The world learned about his illness only to 2002, when the BBC BBC with his documentary series ‘Classic Albums’ finally got up and drive ‘The Number Of The Beast’. Clive asked for recording movies — and he agreed. In the video, were, of course, there are signs of neurological disorders, but not so clearly. However, Clive did not want to hide the truth. Including, for economic reasons — financial stream in the form of royalties and fees for the album was to dry up; there is a very real threat of home sales. A money for treatment and special equipment is needed more and more. He needed help from outside. And Clive persuaded the director to insert in the beginning of all takes with him a short but clear message: "Hi, I’m Clive Burr. I have multiple sclerosis". Addressed it was, of course, the fans. But the final product for final editing and approval was, of course, Steve Harris. Here, at last, to it "reached"…

Ticklish situation arises. Of course, Clive Burr was not the only victim "iron maiden business". Total Harris was replaced by an all-time about three dozen musicians, and at the same time — we will not argue — always only the most impartial and objective reasons. But Clive in the eyes of the public turned into a real sacrifice "objectivity" — Destitute, suffering from an incurable disease, all the forgotten … Yes, he was like the finger of God! It was becoming clear — if the media ahead of time inflate this story will be very, very bad for the image of the group, for business, for all, even for the most Bёrra — that’s understandable. And Steve Harris, as usual, took the right and perfect solution. Applications Clive has been removed! But … Clive says: "He immediately called me, and then by one of the band’s management. They decided to do something to help me, and at first the idea of ​​two charity concerts in Brixton". Yes, he was glad of it. And not just because of money … He even went out to the scene then, at the end of the set. Of course, not in order to play. Just welcomed the audience, throwing sticks into the room and even tried them "twist" — And not only kept the whole time! Unbelievable … But he walked in was obviously difficult. All the time a couple of people from the group, as if by chance, provided close to him, they tripped up the shoulders and arms, whenever he could fall. From a distance it looked like they just kept cuddling happily bustling and friendly clap each other on the shoulders. In fact, it so insured and maintained. It was the most difficult part of the show for all; Bruce Dickinson at some point, was unable to hold on duty smile on his face. Wiping sweat with a trembling hand, he suddenly frowned, turned gray, and even as it aged for a few years. Horror, just awful — that’s what you could see in his eyes …

But what to do — correct the mistakes of the past have to, sooner or later. And to honor former colleagues Bёrra done, it was a lot! For example, the fund was quickly established Clive Burr MS Trust — personal support of Clive. Money, including those obtained from a series of the measures helped to keep the house, he also "winged" special vehicles, the so-called ‘Klayvmobil’. "In fact, it was a converted Volkswagen Caddy with tinted windows. Just like the car of American gangsters … Later they were equipped with a lift in my home — so now I sometimes rises and falls on the stairs without assistance, looking at our gold and platinum records on the walls".

He was able to go to Belgium for treatment for a specially developed special functional bed and a personal computer. Donated then, of course, and others suffer from multiple sclerosis people. For example, the wife of a little-known musician Tribute band Iron Maiden got the money for the conversion of the house. But Clive and he still managed to lead in 2004, its own fund, Clive Aid Charity, through which raise money for charity programs, arranging a series of concerts. For many, he visited personally. In 2005, his white drum set was given the London Hard Rock Cafe, occupy a place among the exhibits such as "Fender" Eric Clapton or "Gibson" Pete Townsend. He finally became a part of rock history … But the case of health Clive situation was getting worse and worse. "I’m tired … I can not always do what I want" — More and more he complained, deeper and deeper into a depression at times. Drums, pylivshiesya garage, extracted to light only when a visit frequented by young nephews. He simply lived out his life with his girlfriend Mimi, a former Sunday school teacher, who also suffers from multiple sclerosis — but, as is the case with women in a much milder form. In a recent interview, he admitted that sometimes, when he gets better, he looks a DVD with recordings of concerts of old Iron Maiden.

"As I watch them, I smile all the time. We, you know, had to cancel a group!". I hope the night March 12, 2013, he, too, was smiling in his sleep …

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