A round-up of the latest photography books on the market

• ON STAGE by Michael Nether, £29.90 Michael Nether has, at least according to the introduction to this book, had a varied and stimulating career in various fields of photography. You wouldn’t really know it based on the evidence provided here. This book focuses exclusively on his work photographing musicians and other celebrities on stage. The result is a drab, monotonous affair, picture after picture of unfocused, greyscale famous faces, an inordinate number of which seem to have been caught at especially unflattering moments.


£30 With a clever and different approach to photographic portraiture, Jacqueline Hassink gives us a picture of leading businesswomen across the Arab world without showing us their faces. By exploring the private and business rooms of these women, she shows us a kind of residue, the places where they spend almost every waking moment. The rooms are, without exception, immaculate, and it’s odd to see how the boardroom offices and home dining rooms are so overtly different but subtly similar.


Is, £12.99 No-nonsense people befit no-nonsense photography, and Sefton Samuels certainly delivers that. Street shots, portraiture and documentary sit side-by-side in a thorough collection of unpretentious work that feels very much concerned with the lives and times of ordinary people. The portraits are especially interesting; Sefton has a refreshingly simple style and seems adept at putting subjects at their ease.

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