Emma. Kiev. Rain …

Emma. Kiev. Rain ...

Championship of Ukraine on auto sound and tuning EMMA

Championship of Ukraine on auto sound and tuning EMMA gaining momentum. Having started in the westernmost point-of Lviv, he moved to the capital. Second we must write

But in the «master» — but full of passions. Master without restrictions. Total half-score plays in the sound of his opponent Vladimir Baranovych of Rivne. The result — the second. And rightfully become the first Germans Alexander Nikolaev. Bronze — the guest from Minsk Kozicheva Dmitry.

«Experts». Those who are equal to the PA all athletes. And it’s not just the cost of the equipment. Skill installation nontrivial solution, poured into bonus points — that’s one of the few components of success in this class. Sergei Ostroushko from Kirovograd proved that he — the strongest in the Kiev stage. Experience, as they say. Second and third place was shared by Sergei Poremsky from the White Church and Dvoryaninovich Dmitry Gomel respectively.

«Multimedia. Newbie. » To make up for losing the eve format SQ Challenge Brainstorming Sergey from Kiev. Germans Alexander — the second.

Ostroushko Sergey and «MM Expert» stood up to the first step of the podium. Two cup for first place at one stage — a great result!

Strong composition in the category ESPL made by the team of the Chernivtsi and Lviv. The result was not long in coming — in four classes of six athletes from Chernovtsy up in the first place. A Lvov reserved the right to wear the title of «loudest stage» — Krivyak novel «blew» DB 151.14. Excellent result! In the class of «Extreme» — the unlimited of all — the victory went to the team AudioExtreme of Chernivtsi. The system collected on the components of the official brand EMMA, has proved its combat capability.

All winners and winners in ESPL received cups and prizes from the official brand EMMA — TM Alphard, Hannibal and AudioFxIreme.

In severe conditions, rainy weather has once again confirmed the reputation of one of the most accurate and reliable instruments SpLLab, which is the official instrument for measuring ESFL competitions.

Sponsors and partners of the event: Sponsor category SQ — TM IIIymoff, Partner of the Kyiv stage — TM Mystery, the second phase was completed. Lokomotiv Cup gathers pace. Next stop — sunny Crimea, Yevpatoria. It will be hot — both literally and figuratively!

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