Sun protection.

Sun protection.

Want to bask in the warm gentle sunshine all summer? Then our advice will surely come in handy. We’ll show you how in the pursuit of a safe tan choose the best sunscreen for yourself and your baby.

Two types of ultraviolet radiation reaching the Earth’s surface — UVA and UVB. Strong «bites» radiation UVB: It causes burns. UVA radiation is less noticeable effect. From it there are no burns and redness, but it is guilty of the appearance of freckles, age spots and other signs of aging skin. Qualitative sunscreens must protect against UV rays of both species (see the information on the package).

Filters: physical or chemical

Physical filters reflect ultraviolet (create screen), chemicals react with ultraviolet (UV reduce the activity). Physical filters are hypoallergenic, can be used even for children from 6-12 months. But creams with physical filters often have a dense texture and not very easy to apply. Sunscreens with chemical filters comfortable in application, but can sometimes cause allergic reactions (please note that if you have sensitive skin). In beauty care lines most commonly used means, combining in their composition and physical and chemical filters in various ratios. In the evening, after applying sunscreen is necessary to take a shower, be sure to use the gel or soap. Under the action of sunlight sunscreen on the skin are destroyed. Their breakdown products can have a negative impact, so after sunburn they must be thoroughly washed. And not only from the skin but also the hair. After washing the body and the person can apply a moisturizer and hair — a balm or moisturizing mask.

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