Weaving yourself a safety net of insurance is one of the smartest things a photographer can do, especially if using the Photoguard Pro insurance.

Imagine you’ve just turned up for your shoot at a prestigious wedding, or even your first job, and you realise you haven’t charged your camera or forgotten to insert an SD card. Your professional reputation could be at stake, as could the job. Not having professional insurance can have the same devastating effect on a photographer, so it’s time to make sure you have all the right cover.


Accidents can befall even the most prepared photographers, so it’s a good idea to have substantial comprehensive cover for all your kit. Household insurance may not cover the more expensive equipment. So what’s the answer? Specialist photography insurance, like that provided by Photoguard.

Photoguard offers a professional photographer package which aims to cover all the important elements of your kit with flexible coverage options. It doesn’t just cover your camera, but also accessories such as tripods, memory cards and laptops. The package also allows photographers to hire out kit for shoots while their own kit is being repaired or replaced, potentially at a retailer of their choice.


It’s not just kit cover that should be crossing your mind; there is always the chance a client will be unhappy with your shoot and feels you have failed to deliver what has been stated in your contract. This is a key consideration for photographers as it provides protection against subsequent legal action taken by unsatisfied clients.


Photoguard Pro insurance has flexible options for the types and amount of coverage you would like for your business.

Photographers can choose up to £50,000 maximum insurance coverage for their total equipment value or £15,000 maximum for a single item. There is automatic coverage for photographers working in the UK and optional coverage for those looking to take their work into Europe and even worldwide.

There is a host of other options available including hire cover limits, personal accident coverage and public liability costs, quotes for which can be obtained online.

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