Music has tied us

Music has tied us

More recently, scientists have pleased another discovery: It appears, for the pleasure of sex and the music MEET THE SAME PLOT human brain. So why multiply PLEASURE FOR PLEASURE, we thought, and a survey …

Second, that «the song we build and live help» is not a secret. And we will not even try to argue with the axiom that the main thing in sex — sex, and certainly not the soundtrack, but still define the main musical styles in order of increase of their relevance in the bedroom.


A lot of them — this kind of music styles, reminiscent of the rhythmic grinding of saws for asphalt, intermittent screaming vocalist, which was plagued by all the hardships of the universe, a couple of demons and some domestic problems. Well, probably a kind of music is really good to do at least something … But sex in the number of such cases is unlikely to enter. No, of course, if sex itself for you purpose is not, and you would like to arrange an orgy in the textbook sense of the word, please. Do not forget to stock up on obsidian daggers and a dozen black cats. And yes, it is better to warn in advance about your plans neighbors. Otherwise, they may find that your home is held not carnal and spiritual union of two loving or at least nice to each other people, and the murder of a group of torture.


«On the boat music was playing, and I was lying in bed with a fool» -imenno this expression describes a person who is trying to awaken the passion of music with the help of such delights. No discouragement, broken destinies, the hardships of life, accountants and bookkeepers. Accompanied by gusts of feeling like the soundtrack was fashionable in post-Soviet films where unsightly high school students preparing for anxiety and rapid copulation in the parents’ bed until they returned from work. Today torment hearing that kind of music it is possible unless the country, lazily waving away flies and digesting last year’s newspaper barbecue. But not on the bed of love, chase this idea as a bad dream.


Frankly, using classical music as a background for carnal pleasures, we can cater to the real trap. On the one hand, it is considered a classic, not least because it corresponds to the canons of beauty and harmony. And where is the harmony and beauty, there is love, pure, good passion, and therefore, good sex. Nothing clears the lens of ideology and thoughts does not lead out of the chaos into order, like other old-nocturne by Chopin. On the other hand, some of the classic works of tune very much on a sublime way. If your playlist leak Bach or Buxtehude — down the drain, carnal passion definitely end. It is time you indulge in sexual pleasures, when neck frill and climbs very well want to reflect on the futility of worldly things. A board will be quite simple — read the playlist in advance and try to feel in advance if you are ready to stay alone with your partner is under these sounds. Otherwise, the ghosts of classical composers will hover over the night bed and laugh at your simple movements, shaking his curls starched wigs. So this is an option only in the mood.

Dubstep and electro

It so happened that most of modern electronic music is difficult to perceive in the unaltered state of consciousness. In the same condition as when s can fully realize the greatness of this style of music, I’m afraid you will not to sex — it is unlikely you will be able to reach out a hand to the face of his or someone else’s. Anyway, frenzied rhythms trendy tunes difficult to reconcile with quiet passion bedchamber where every man, no doubt, the monster and the hero of sexual battles. If you do not want to be distracted and to be completely blindsided skills of modern composers … hmm … my good advice to you as soon as you hear something minimally similar to dub, so your hand will be pulled to the «Stop» button. «Honey, wait a minute! It collapsed closet or it is a melody? «-» I do not know, dear, I thought, this rambunctious cat and buzzing pipe in the toilet. » What really is the sex.


Some of the tracks in an authentic style of the world’s people are forced not only to forget about everyday routine and feel the spirit alive, antiquity, the entire depth of the cultural traditions of a country. Of course, we are not talking about the melodies under which Scandinavian Berserker befitting to chew on their shields. Note, for example, works with the oriental flavor — there are some people know how to relax the mind. Consequently, most of the music will contribute to your pleasant pastime in the arms of a loved one.

Jazz and Blues

An excellent choice for a difficult sex. It is not easy in the sense not to implement the thirty-second position of the «Kama Sutra» Flowing down on the roof of the elevator. No, this is music for couples in which the partners know each other is not the first day. For people who have time to know not only the joy of first love, but the taste of a good quarrel. For those who understand that love — is not only joy and light, but also the unexpected twists of fate. Compelling circumstances, the pain, anguish and separation. In fact, here you are standing guard — do not overdo it with the dreary mood, otherwise instead of sensuous sex fit will sit down and cry bitterly. With this music, you can hint at his feelings, to the hidden nuances of difficult relations, which are so uncomfortable talking aloud. You can create a romantic, but a little sad atmosphere, and in general show the delicacy and vulnerability of his soul. And sometimes it is even more than good sex.


Lightweight, unobtrusive music, which creates a certain atmosphere — exactly what will serve as the perfect backdrop for the expressions of love. With simple and unpretentious tracks can be loaded into an easy partner bliss, trance, stir up feelings and passions, or, on the contrary, prigasit misplaced zeal. However, the wish remains the same — carefully prepare a playlist, ambient ambient discord. And if you do not plan to have sex in an atmosphere of inevitable impending apocalypse … well, you get the idea.


And certainly the most appropriate musical style bedroom — Lounge. Breaking out of the spacious halls and vast exhibition halls, where the lounge is usually promotes the attainment of the speculative mood and measured, this style of music filled the space is not a single private abode. Of course, the ease and virtually weightless Lounge songs in no small measure to help you find the right mood in the bedroom. No wonder the same style name can be translated as «idle, doing nothing exciting.» Listen. Relax your body and soul. Clear off all the clothes, the hardships of everyday life and unnecessary thoughts and plunge into the abyss of passion. Even irrespective of the precise definition of the canons and try to pick up for joint pastime in the bedroom as much as possible to relaxing music. This will help you focus on your partner and joint pleasures rather than reflections on life’s troubles.

To sum up some results:

We deliberately disregarded some of the musical styles that are appropriate only in a New York ghetto, or at the site, where a dozen swarthy plasterers anxiously listens to in a ballad about the misadventures of a train accident prisoner. Believe me, the experiments with these musical styles will be extremely detrimental not only to the senses and impulses, and further relations in general. In everything else, you are free to combine all musical tastes and sex. Of course, the pair, with a predatory smile get out of each other in a tight cocoon of latex, even more gloomy when zavedutsya roulades darkwave. Dark Goth, sprinkle with flour entity will elevated relegate each other at opus for Harpsichord and someone naveyut songs of the past memories of the empty vain parents’ bedroom. But even if the main criterion are your own feelings, and who knows what kind of a provocative song once you conceive of who twenty years will have to make fun of your taste in music.

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