Papa Bear

Papa Bear

In the world there are about six and a half billion people and a total of about one hundred and eighty thousand brown bears.

In Russia, home to around one hundred and forty million people and about a hundred — a hundred and twenty thousand brown bears.

Rescue people involved in the Ministry of Health, the police at all levels, a lot of charities and OSVOD.

Salvation bears have engaged Valentin S. Pazhetnov and his family. As well as a few of his disciples.

Quite a few.

Valentin Sergeyevich — unique. He returns to the nature of orphaned bear cubs. For thirty years back one hundred sixty eight.

As bears siroteyut?

More often — in harvesting. Destroyed den, the female leaves or kill — there could be as lucky. And the Bears — that they are as small as gloves, peep from the bottom of the den.

We are familiar with Valentin Sergeyevich ago. But I go to him I was able to just now. We’re going the whole cavalcade — two of Volvo XC70, courtesy of the company Musa Motors, together all our small expedition — editorial staff Olga Zhuravleva, Sasha Frolova and me, as well as children from Musa, who lead the program «Lighthouses of Russian roads.» According to this program, «lighthouse» travel to different interesting places in our country by the thousand, and then talk about them in svom Internet project.

The road to the biological station «Clean Forest» — an unusually bad. In some places there are three one-way traffic — because of repair coverage. They control the movement of road builders themselves, communicating with each other on mobile phones. «You have a van with a number passed? No? Then do not let oncoming wait … «.

On the side of the road — rack with hanging on them skins and stuffed average fixed bad. We drive, look — tea, not until the end, I forgot the science of «Fur of commodities,» which taught us the fifth year?

— Wolverine look — showing me the skin withered and dusty clay aunt person — rosomashka something good, huh?

Rosomashka not good, and it does not rosomashka — bear-fall yearlings, just because most of these orphans, got a bullet with his mother and is now showing on the pole here «rosomashku.» In general, a set of interesting

— A lot of wolves, mainly summer. Winter is likely to have gone for a long time, and quite a different price. However, the scale of trade and stuffed skins makes you think about the well-organized fishing in these parts. Which, of course, there is the law enforcement agencies under the roof — for each unit exposed on the roadside, must necessarily account for the license or permit and a veterinary certificate.

«Clean Forest» — biostation relating to Central Forest Reserve, one of the few reserves, located in the very heart of Russia

— Former Vladimir Russia.

First of orphaned bear cubs Vladimir Sergeyevich took in 1973. Tosh called them, Katya and Yasha. During the existence of the Centre, as already mentioned, released one hundred sixty eight cubs, most of them successfully «caught» in nature.

The main «supplier» of orphaned bear cubs have been, are and will be part of the logging in the taiga. And we must understand that this is not an exclusive feature of Russia — the same problem, and almost on the same scale, we find in all harvesting countries inhabited by bears — in the US, Canada, Finland.

But in all of those countries, there is no «grandfather Wali.» And here it is — there is!

The main problem methods return cubs to the wild — a personality of its creator. The fact that Valentine S. absolutely unique. Yes, he can explain to people how, when and what to do to bear the baby has grown into a full-fledged rehabilitation center «forest owner». But he can not force their students to invest in pets that part of his soul, which allows zveryata take it, man, like a mother bear. Talking with them in their language, feeding them signals, how to behave in a particular case, to hide from the people and the same adult bears.

Bears live in isolation from the people. That is why all useless requests to Pazhetnovym «approach pofotkat bears» — you politely but firmly refused. Photographing animals are not a means of additional staff burn-biological station, as in some other «rehabilitation centers.» Despite the fact that they live here is not easy, frankly.

At the end of the period of rehabilitation in some animals hung collars with satellite transmitters — for further study and control of movement.

— Here, an adult male was yesterday on the other side of our lake, — says Basil Pazhetnov grandson Valentin Sergeyevich. — Today we went to the swamp.

We all look back together, as if expecting to see the forest for the haze silhouette of a bear walking …

On the biological station «Clean Forest» trained many future «bear mom and dad.» Made her likeness centers operate in the Far East, the Baltic States, South Korea and India.

But the «root race» — it is from here, from the «Clean Forest».

In the Central Forest Reserve Valentin Sergeyevich worked since 1970. I build a house — the family nest Pazhetnovyh (today there are about fifty (!) People).

— How many teddy bears today in your center? — I ask Ale, granddaughter Valentina Sergeyevich.

— Twelve — she says bitterly. — And, you know, which is typical, the abolition of hunting den not affect their numbers.

Yes, many times exaggerated theme of what hunting den — the main source of the orphaned cubs in the hands of the people. Practice also shows that the number of orphaned bears that appear as a result of hunting-bear in the den is «homeopathic» character.

Twelve cubs at the Centre Pazhetnova — a drop in the bucket «bear problems». In some regions, famous for intensive forestry, the number of orphaned bear cubs comes up to eighty pieces per year.

And, quite frankly, in most cases these animals are doomed. Chance to get into a rehabilitation center have less than an accountant to become an owner of a grocery store Uralmash when re-privatization. They are kept in the car parks on the circuits in personal farmsteads «wood barons», are grown for meat instead of pigs sold in China for special farm suctioning bear bile. They are tormented, crippled, maimed dogs and all domestic animals. Sometimes maim people, including the owners. Sometimes — kill them.

I’ll be honest — I personally think that if people who have found the den with orphaned cubs can not deliver them in the next five days prior to any rehabilitation center was, they just have to hold the heart in a fist, and cease to exist babies. In other slovami- kill. Because if you do not do — will continue to suffer and bear, and the whole chain of people on which to send the unfortunate beast.

And Valentin Sergeyevich and his followers from the Centre for all time of its existence has successfully returned to the nature of one hundred sixty eight cubs.

A drop in the sea — you might say?

But a drop wears away the stone …

On the way back on the road side of our caravan of Swedish Volvo cars again offer the skins of dead cubs, yearlings …

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