The kid grows.

The kid grows.

Appetite — a pledge of male power.

Carefully watch your toddler at the time, when he wielded a spoon! According to Filipino researchers, male sexual potential future can be predicted according to his appetite in children. In their research involving thousands of boys aged from one month to 22 years. Observations have shown that men who as a child had a good appetite and ate fully in the future were not only better developed physically, but also led a more active sex life! Doctors have linked this to the fact that a good appetite and a healthy diet in childhood is strongly influenced by the level of the hormone testosterone, which is produced in the body rapidly growing babies. «

In the juice.

Pear or pear nectar? If you still doubt this information for you. Contained in the juice sugar and acid are harmful to the teeth, particularly for children, warn British dentists. Author of the corresponding study, Dr. Nigel Carter said that the juice contains more sugar and acids than the same quantity of fruit. This means that they are more devastating effect on tooth enamel. Fruit and berry purees and smoothies even more harmful, since the thick mixture forms a sticky film on teeth. British Dental Association has published an appeal to parents to reduce children’s diets in the amount of juices, purees and smoothies. They recommend that parents limit the number of children consumed fruit juice to 150 ml per day.

Learning to count.

Start training your baby can account from early childhood. And to help you in the most ordinary items that are sure to have at home. Try?

Molds for cupcakes. They can be of different materials but the most optimal — silicone.

With these molds crumbs easily introduce the concept of «one»: just put into each mold one die.

HANGING POCKETS. Cut out paper cards, write on them the numbers. Ask your child to spread the cards in ascending order. Make colored pockets, and you will be able to learn colors.

Stones. Draw on these figures (for example from 1 to 9), and a sheet of cardboard — or a group of florets butterflies (one, two, three, etc.). Offer to pick up the crumbs to each figure corresponds to a pebble.

Spoon. You’ll need a spoon, a few bowls and solids (such as buckwheat). Pour into bowls cereals, commenting on how many spoons you have taken. Tell a brood that each number corresponds to the number of the product is poured.

COIN. Take a few boxes out of paper napkins, paper cut-out circles, write numbers on them. Give your child a paper coin and ask them to sort through the boxes.

Society of clean plates.

The kid can not cope with lunch or dinner? As much as it may upset you, do not force him to eat up. The requirement for parental leave definitely empty plates can cause a set of child overweight, and even in the future lead to obesity, according to researchers from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. They examined data on 2 million adolescents and 3,500 parents and concluded that over the past decade, portions of which are treated children increased significantly. At the same mom and dad often make your child eat everything to the end. This leads to the fact that the child’s body gets used to automatically absorb the necessary amount of food at a set time, ignoring the signals of saturation. Doctors strongly advise parents (especially fathers) do not put pressure on the children, forcing them to leave clean plates, if they are already filled.

Most children under the age of 4 years are afraid of clowns, the American psychologists. They found that when kids try to guess the mood jovial, they begin to carefully consider its features.

As a result of sham noses, painted eyes and unnaturally large mouths they are very afraid.

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