Errors cost calculation

Most of the mistakes made in the SCP, taking into account, in varying degrees, be corrected. If the material is not deducted from the warehouse in which it was possible to arrange a subsequent move, and all the «closed». Much more unpleasant mistakes in calculating the cost, because they often affect the correct management decisions, including the development or, conversely, folding some product lines. If due to an error in the account of cost-effective products have been recognized unprofitable and its production turned, expensive equipment was sent to the scrap, and workers laid off, perhaps it is at least

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Cleaning plantation

In the Chelyabinsk region strawberries — a relatively new culture, only the last years state farms began to lay the plantation commodity.

The root system of strawberries lies a small, 85% of the roots in the upper 10-cm layer of soil, which was confirmed by observations made on an experimental basis of the Chelyabinsk horticultural experimental station. Therefore strawberries over other cultures exposed to various climatic hardships, especially in the fall and spring, when there is no snow on the plantations and in some years, the frosts reach -20 °. It is very dangerous to strawberries and spring frosts.


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future retail

Rebecca Roke discusses how, far from turning their backs on bricks and mortar retailing in favour of online alternatives, savvy brands are espousing a new model that offers both the spectacle of retail and the immediacy of the digital space.

“You cannot compartmentalise it into online versus bricks-and-mortar. The consumer moves seamlessly from looking at content online, potentially buying online, or looking at and shopping for it elsewhere.” — Chris Sanderson, The Future Laboratory.

W’hile Sundays in Paris are perfect for the flaneur, unlike open-all-hours New York, London or Tokyo, they can be a frustration for the unsuspecting shopper in

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Evaluating the effectiveness of podsmazochnyh coatings and lubricants for cold extrusion of nanocrystalline titanium BT1-0.

For materials with ultrafine structures apply methods of intensive deformation, in particular equal channel angular (ECA) pressing.

This method allows to achieve a high level of mechanical properties of metals and alloys, such as copper, nickel, titanium and other by forming them in nanocrystalline (NC) structure with a grain size of 100-500 nm.

For practical use of NK-materials in various industries, more research is needed technological modes of processing. In this paper we study the tribological parameters of cold extrusion process (reduction) of commercially pure titanium BT1-0 NK with a high level of properties as a promising substitute doped

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Assessment of the maximum allowable contamination HB steel by a factor of physical heterogeneity.

In the papers 8, 9, 15, proved that the application for the evaluation of HB in the steel ratio of physical heterogeneity of the FSC (FSC = Shb / S, where Shb — the total area occupied by undeformable HB, S — cross-sectional area of ​​the finished wire) and effectively and universally . Therefore, it is advisable to introduce the dependence of the FSC on the size limits of individual NV and solve the inverse problem, namely to determine the number of maximum allowable NV as a function of the size of the HB and the FSC.

These relationships

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Future suppressors?

Despite the familiar Wild Weasel mission that continues in the Gulf, the USAF and other are moving to new technology for the suppression of enemy air defences on the ground. Former Vietnam fighter pilot John Roberts surveys the action, and all the changes and new equipment, in the SEAD mission of Allied air forces.

WILD WEASEL is dead, though the popular phrase continues in use. Now the term is officially suppression of enemy air defences (SEAD). The old phrase, created in Vietnam, has been dropped in favour of a less vivid, but more accurate description of the toughest fighter mission

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Based on chemistry

Noting that the number of cosmetics without parabens, silicones, sulphates, and growing rapidly, WH pledged support — as well as whether these harmful ingredients really?

Best before

Question "And what they eat? «In the context of parabens appropriate to ask literally: we lean on them every day.

as we wash them, we are treated and spread on yourself. Parabens — one of the most popular preservatives in cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industries. The main task of these esters — to prevent mold and microbes settle in including in your cream. As a rule, one can not do business parabens,

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The Esercito has for some time been involved in the NH-90 programme (ETT, Helicopter da Trasporto Tattico, according to its Esercito designation), and intends to acquire a considerable number of these new European helicopters (there is an order for 60 machines). There is also a requirement for a new ESC helicopter which, together with the NH-90, will replace the old AB.205, AB.2I2 and AB.412.

The most likely replacement candidate for the ESC role is the Agusta-Bell AB.139, the successor to the successful Huey series, which will be offered to the market as an avant-garde helicopter with excellent characteristics and performance.



VA CHIRANADZE Art. Researcher LIIZhT GP Labetskaya, junior researcher EA Tulu Gurov, Engineer

Air and cable lines are used for communication channel, as well as transmitting information for signaling devices. To provide high capacity of railways and traffic safety, you need reliable operation of communication lines. To solve this problem requires reliable information on failures of communication and development on this basis of organizational and technical recommendations to improve their reliability.

In this regard, the department «Electrical connection» LIIZhT investigated air link (UL) I and II classes and trunk cable lines (MKL). These lines are in contrast to the







TO toxic waste production does not turn into a time bomb must be reliably buried. Relatively simple and economical way




Water collected on the ground, maybe a hundred years ago, slowly seeping through the Great Filter — soil and porous rocks and accumulate in large underground aquifers, free from any chemical and bacteriological contaminants. This drink water safely. But if we safely bury toxic waste petrochemical industries, we can lose an invaluable source of drinking water. Somewhere toxic substances that dumped many years ago, it was considered the safest way are

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