New in technology of rocket science

Missiles remains the backbone of strategic offensive forces of the United States. This is due, on the one hand, its relatively high efficiency, and with another — a relatively low cost compared to other components of the triad (strategic bombers and nuclear missile submarines).

Evidence of attention of the US administration to missile technology was put into service in 1986 intercontinental missiles MX in fixed configurations based, works on preparation for the deployment of 50 missiles of this type on railway platforms, as well as the further development of the program to create a small-sized mobile intercontinental ballistic missile

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Ticks will be popping up in warmer areas of NZ as the temperatures rise.

There are several species of native tick but the one that we see on livestock is the bush tick or cattle tick. You’ll usually only see them once they’re almost ready to fall off your animal when fully engorged with blood (it takes 5-7 days to reach this size) as they tend to like warm areas on animals such as the face, ears, the ‘armpit’ and between the back legs.

You can now use the very handy ‘Tick Twister’ to easily remove them ( — make


NEW IN SWEDISH interior architecture apartment building

Natural and climatic conditions in Sweden in many respects similar to the terms of the north-western regions of our country. That is why the introduction to the design and construction of houses in the new residential complexes of the Swedish cities of undoubted interest to the Soviet architects.

The presence of valuable natural resources (iron ore, timber, hydropower sources) to create more opportunities for the successful development of the Swedish economy. What is important is the fact that Sweden has since 1815 not participate in the war. The consequence of a favorable economic environment was the growth of housing

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NEW beekeeping

Digest of articles. Translation from English, German, French and Danish. The introductory article and the compilation IA Khalifman, Selkhozgiz, 1958, pp. 444, 20 thousand copies., The price of 19 rubles.

In the introductory article «Apiary like pollination plant breeders’ made a brief review of studies pcheloopyleniya crops conducted by Soviet and foreign scientists. As a result of this work, a new unit of agro-biological science — botanical and zoological ecology, a special branch of biology which studies the existing relationships in nature and communication.

As a result of observations revealed that honeybees in pollinating flowers on average 80% of

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New Releases


Delicate aroma of white magnolia and intensive care with macadamia oil and shea cream, shower gel ‘luxurious touch «from Nivea make your skin silky soft and incredibly smooth. Thanks to the innovative formula Hydra-IQ activates the natural moisturizing mechanism, reviving any, even the most dehydrated skin in 24 hours. Already after the first application the skin becomes soft and tender! And the effect persists for the whole day.



Mark LM Parfums lovers will love the niche perfumery. The brand name is composed of the initials of its founder — Laurent Mazzone. Its flavors are the

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Farewell to old friends

The beauty of the winter is that there is time for the land to replenish with water. Rain that tails in autumn does not evaporate as the trees in many cases are losing their leaves, allowing rain to penetrate deep into the tree canopy and down into the soil.

It all takes time which has been w’ell demonstrated in my own wilderness garden. I’m downsizing thanks to the Christchurch earthquakes to allow for a building expansion next door but I had to wait for the rain so that I could lift trees and plants that I wanted to keep. The

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Fantasy compositions

Produce stunning works of vibrant fantasy art by using a compilation of photos and few handy Photoshop tricks The idea of a composite is to take elements from various photos and combine them together into a single convincing montage. One intriguing genre of this is the fantasy composite, in which creativity can really spark with the freedom to explore and create romantic, surreal and ethereal scenes. Photoshop makes this process very simple, giving us the tools to achieve that desired artistic expression. In this tutorial we will take you through all the steps you will need in order to extract

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New products from Seagate

And some of them were simply distributed to the participants to the press just before the presentation for a more detailed review. It is impossible not to note the trend of miniaturization of drives as having moving parts, a hook, and without costing them. If earlier the minimum dimensions were typical of unique products, now it is — the first conspicuous trend is supported, first of all, the advent of ultrabooks and TabletPC, the thickness of which is minimal. All submitted for review and shooting models had a reduced thickness.

The event was opened Olga Kozlova, a spokesman for

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Atlantic Airlines has recently bid farewell to its last airworthy

Lockheed L188 Electra – the final example flying in Europe.

The carrier acquired its flrst Electra in

November 1993 and went on to become

Europe’s largest operator of the type. The type was contracted to fly for TNT, DHL and Royal Mail, as well as undertaking ad hoc cargo charters. At the peak of the company’s activities with the Electra

(between 1998 and 2007) it was flying seven examples. However in later years, as spares became harder to find, the fleet was reduced until only two airframes remained

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New items from the basket

In the fall of a variety of vegetables scatter eyes. I want to cook something special?

Note the interesting «tops» and «roots»!

You have never tried radichchio with spaghetti and beets as a filling for a sweet cake? It’s time to catch up! Fortunately now in the markets of «home» vegetables and herbs presented in abundance. But apart from the usual plants, without which it can not do any decent meal (such as carrots), we advise to put the eyes and less common in our latitudes, such as spinach, Swiss chard, fennel and radichchio. Feel free to add them

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