Flower close-up Charlotte Williams

Samsung PL150, 27mm equivalent focal length, 1/60sec at f/3.5, ISO 80 there are times when we’re all inclined to blame our equipment for our photographic failings, rather than accept that we could have done things slightly differently to get a better result. Yet sometimes the camera we are using is at least partly to blame for things not coming out as well as they could.

Charlotte’s macro shot, taken using a ‘point-and-shoot’ camera, is an example of this. It’s obvious that the central flower isn’t sharp, and because the petals in the lower right corner are noticeably sharper, this suggests

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Explanation mechanisms AC permanent magnet

This article is written as a practical guide on the mechanisms of AC synchronous permanent magnet (ASRM), which replace the traditional device of alternating and direct current in the lift building industry. The bulk of the article is based on a report by the company’s representatives Kinetek, made at the International Exhibition of elevators and escalators in 2010, which took place on 3-5 February in Mumbai.

Looking Back

If you recall the days around 1900, then the workhorses of the industry were huge Lift mechanisms DC. Mechanisms DC produced in geared and gearless version. Their lack of -large size

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DISCUSSION OF Acadia. I. Meshchaninova «MEMBERS PROPOSALS AND PARTS OF SPEECH» at the enlarged meeting of the Academic Council of Institute of Linguistics of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, held in LENINGRAD on 19-20 November 1951

In his opening remarks Acad. Vinogradov outlined are the main issues raised at the critical examination of the book Acad. I. Meshchaninova. He stressed that the criticism of the book is carried out in general terms the liberation of Soviet linguistics from the Marxist theory of Academician. Marr and his «disciples», according to the objectives set by Stalin (see. Published in this issue review Acad. Vinogradov).

A presentation on critical analysis of the book Acad. Meshchaninova II, made the doctor filol. Sciences EM Galkina-Fedoruk, and PhD. filol. Sciences VA Avrorin.

EM Galkina-Fedoruk, recalling the words of Joseph Stalin that «theoretical

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Go full throttle with a full-scale renovation! Change the flooring, revamp your furniture, and create a whole new style for your living space.


FRAME YOUR SPACE. Along with repainting, re-decorating, and re-arranging your layout, don’t forget to replace your old flooring, walls, and ceilings if they’re dated or damaged. Updating the main frame of your room will help create a fresher, more clean-lined look.


1. Measure the room’s width and length. Bring these measurements (and perhaps a rough sketch of a floor plan) to the home depot or hardware and compute how much flooring you


Educate young people new, advanced

The high honey yield depends primarily on themselves beekeepers. Our college has a large, industrial-type beekeeping farm and the people chosen are those who know and love beekeeping, working with a twinkle. In 1963, each family gathered on 132 kilograms of the gross honey, or an average of one beekeeper has to 8061 kg. According to approximate estimates, the profit from the sale of the honey will be an average of each family of bees more than 100 rubles.

Advanced beekeeper our economy G. Kid provided c6od 12,700, and his son Baby L — 7000 kg of marketable honey. The

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Discussion of the article «for the creative development of problems of linguistics», placed in the «truth»

17-18 January 1952 session of the Academic Council of the Institute of Linguistics of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. The agenda of the meeting was to discuss published in «Pravda» December 15, 1951 article vols. Sukhotina, Serebrennikov and Dzhikaevoy «For creative development problems of linguistics.»

Opening the meeting of the Academic Council, Director of the Institute Academician. Vinogradov said that the present meeting of the Academic Council is a response to an article published in «Pravda». A serious mistake of the Institute is that the Marxist errors in the work of the Institute prof. VIAbaev were promptly

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Георгий Первушин проживает в Харькове. Рыболов — спортсмен.Любимые методы ловли: штекерная и матчевая.


Две недели пролетели незаметно. Этого срока оказалось достаточно, чтобы основательно подготовиться к рыбалке. Теперь уже точно можно было куда-нибудь поехать, чтобы половить в английском стиле. Лишь прогноз погоды указывал на возможность небольшого дождя, что не было серьезной помехой.

Посмотрев на местном рыболовном сайте информацию о ближайших водоёмах, я остановил свой выбор на озере Арапуни. В информационных сообщениях говорилось, что там обитают карась, карп, красноперка, форель и угорь. Более чем достаточный набор для начала. По сути, это было

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Dear readers of «Preschool Education»!

From this room the appearance of our publication changed: in a magazine format, it has become more compact, beautiful and easy to use.

But in fact everything remains the same.

We will acquaint you with the ideas and developments of leading specialists in the field of early childhood education and the experience of your fellow practitioners, to discuss topical issues of education and to develop tactics of behavior in complex situations.

Today’s education is experiencing a chaotic period. Teachers live a difficult life. The difficulty is not just forced overwork and give rise to

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The right floor is vital for the cohesion of any room – the best options will work with all colour schemes and moods

The choice of flooring literally ‘grounds’ any colour or decorating scheme, so it’s sensible to think about it as a long-term investment. The design and layout of the house dictates how we use and choose our flooring. Start at the front door – an area that gets used every day, so it’s crucial to get the flooring right in this busy, high-traffic space – and think about how the floor area flows from room to room. A


Education abroad, from personal experience

We decided to share with readers the story of Valeria Bannikova — Russian schoolgirl, who is studying in England.

I thought about studying in England when I was in 9th grade ordinary high school. Then this idea was more of a dream than a reality. In the same year I went to another teacher of English, and the idea turned into a dream, and then to the target, which I carried out in October 2011. I went to State College in southern England. The college called Chichester College, located in he West Sussex — the city of the same name,

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