Autumn chores a joy

Autumn at the Marina Petrovna gomelchanki GROSS — a favorite time of year. Winter bored, summer is too troublesome, she says. But in September, slowly, you can pay more attention to the remaining crops.

Cucumbers — to be!

My favorite vegetable gardener — cucumbers. To part with them as late as possible in the middle of August — early September, she spends the following procedure: a copper bracket (either durable flexible twig) prishpilivayut to the ground in several places whip cucumber. Then sprinkle the soil surface (be sure to wet!) Layer of 2 cm, well trampled ground around. At

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You might be on a tight budget, but you needn’t miss out on some great synths: the freeware community has been happily programming some excellent plug-in instruments and effects over the last couple of decades and the number of synths that you can now download for free is quite staggering. Quality varies enormously, so we’ve rounded up our ten favourites, trying to include as many for both Mac and PC as possible. Several are emulations of classic hardware, and one or two are becoming classics in their own right, so get clicking and try this lot for free…


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AUTUMN fishing on

Grown catch fish from ponds usually begin in the second half of September, when the water temperature is lowered to 8-10 ° C. The most convenient bleed-fishing in the ponds. Shields riser is replaced by a lattice and begin to gradually lower the water. Without waiting for the full descent of the pond, you can begin to catch fish drag-net or seine. After descending the fish pond is in the catchment ditch or pit or fish traps, located behind the dam. Fish traps can be placed in a wooden box length of 3-5 m and a width of 1.5-2

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Freedom: First Resistance. Еще одно вторжение

ПОХОЖЕ, В RED STORM НАЗРЕВАЕТ революция, грозящая полным сменом курса п. и децентрализацией власти. Том Клэнси для них уже недостаточно хорош, и внимание переключается на Энн Маккефри (Anne McCaffrey), автора бестселлеров из серии Freedom, повествующих о борьбе отряда Resistance с поработившей Землю расой захватчиков Catteni. И то дело — не все же с террористами воевать! Да и славное имя Rainbow Six уже заезжено на много километров. Впору менять покрышки.

А в главной роли, представьте себе, засветилась девушка. Это, наверное, чтобы уж никаких аналогий со спецназовцами. Хотя автоматически напрашиваются другие — даже не стоит уточнять. Но в Red Storm возмущенно крутят

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Weapons in July 2013 zb-60 vz.30 — YUGOSLAV gun in CZECH PERFORMANCE

Shtuera "vertical scheme"

Second Youth legendary Gewehr — 98 Yugoslavian "Zbroevki"

The most fruitful period in the military-technical cooperation Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia became the 20s and 30s. the last century. At this time, most types of machine-gun weapon army of Yugoslavia was purchased from the company «CESKOSLOVENSKA ZBROJOVKA, AKCIOVA SPOLECNOST, BRNO». It is these samples and we will go today.

MANUAL (light) 7.9 mm machine guns OBR. 1926

(«FC Zbrojovka Brno» L.K. ZB VZ.26)

Artillery and Technical Department of the Ministry of the Army and Navy of the Kingdom of SHS (Kingdom of Serbs Croats and Slovenes) in the

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FRAME within the frame

If you’re simply using branches to frame a landscape, or a doorway to frame a portrait, your compositions aren’t realizing their full potential. More complex framing devices can add compositional power to your pictures. Here are three examples:


Create a focal point. The mirror in this photo acts to focus attention on the center of interest—the reflection of the model’s face. In this case, the frame is particularly effective because it outlines the mirror with a lighter tone, and our eyes tend to go to the lightest part of a photograph.


Establish context. This picture would still work

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Freed from anger

ALL OUR EXPERIENCE «stuck» within us, so emotional problems need to be solved, working with the body.

Surely you can remember many situations where you experienced the resentment or anger, but I could not answer her abuser. Anger rises in my throat, but you had to suppress it, and try to forget about what happened. You think you’re really forgotten, and perhaps even mentally forgive the person you offended, but your body remembers it. We experience negative emotions every day — on the way to work in the office, at home … they do not become a source of psychological

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The traditions of the anti-fascist art is not buried in the archival collections. First of all, because the idea of ​​revenge tenacious: radio and newspapers daily informed about the attacks of neo-Nazis, the emblem of the Reich regularly hit the television screens overseas, «yearning for fascism» becomes an object of sociological research.

The advent of films dedicated to the fight against fascism, usually dated to the mid-30s. In terms of pure filmography so. However, it can not ignore the general provisions of the Soviet cinema, resulting from work on the large-scale themes. Revolutionary history and modern masters were taught

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WEAPONS small but proud republic

IVAN Cochin

It is believed that after the October Revolution received the independence of Latvia, Estonia and Finland was virtually no defense industry. However, this is not entirely true, it turns out, these countries have created original designs min.

Practicality CLUB SHOOTERS

Sergey Danilov

French Shooting Club, in Mytishchi, the former Olympic shooting range in the «Dinamo», distinguished by practical orientation: it is designed primarily for professionals who have a permit for short arms.

LEARN shoot straight

We begin to publish the book A. Karachevsky «Learn to shoot straight,» published by the State Publishing House Military Commissariat of Defense

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Forward momentum

Poland’s Soviet-era defence industrial base has been transformed by far-sighted government policies and international investment into an East European exemplar and an engine of economic growth, writes Guy Anderson

Poland’s status as a defence market and peacekeeping force has been transformed since the 1990s, first by membership in NATO in 1999 and then the EU in 2004: transnational bodies viewed by Warsaw as guarantors of the country’s security and economic well-being respectively.

The former Warsaw Pact country has shown a strong commitment to both defence investment in general and military procurement overall, illustrated by efforts to achieve interoperability with its

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