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Rest with the baby.

ACTIVE — ITALY. A popular place for an active summer holiday with kids — the Dolomites. «Rest here love hiking supporters who actively attracted to this kind of recreation and their children, many of them very young and, — says Anna Poklonova, CEO of travel company» Fan-tour «. — Moms-traveler with a 6-7-month old baby sitting in slingoryukzachke, are not uncommon. The Dolomites are laid convenient routes for tourists, for which there are a number of houses for the night (tent set in these mountains is forbidden) and dining cafés. Not far from these paths are located villages and

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Adam Scorey sneaks out of the office with a black box under his arm, inside is Fuji’s latest CSC X-Trans-sensored offering, the diminutive, 16MP Fujifilm X-M1

When I heard that the X-M1 was in the office I jumped at the chance to get my hands on it. I’d tested the X-Pro1 and adored it, and this has the ‘same’ sensor and general gubbins inside but in a smaller, lighter package. So I was highly confident that image quality was going to be good, and what I was going to concentrate on more was general usability and functionality. Fuji is definitely

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fuelled by speed

Jessica Bracey speaks to the go-to man for car photography, JUSTIN LEIGHTON, to find out how he captures speed.

Pedal to the metal, eye on the prize and camera ready to capture speeds of up to 189mph, this adrenaline-fuelled genre is not a slow paced feat as car photographer Justin Leighton can testify. «The fascination with cars started when I was about four years old and my friend’s dad had a hot rod in the garage. I remember going in there and he started up this massive V8 dragster engine. As a small child the noise was totally all-encompassing and

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Holidays in the city.

More and more kids spend their summers in the town. This has its pros and cons. «House at hand children’s clothing for all weather conditions, cot and highchair, pet toys, — says Anna Shevelev. — Do you know where to buy the products for themselves, catering for the baby and where, if necessary, seek medical attention. Already navigate to a good playground, park, and other places where you can spend your leisure time. » What is the downside?

Even in familiar urban environment mother must be very careful! «It is desirable to have in her purse was always an

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Answers on questions

Question in the nests of families absolutely no pollen The bees feed in early spring, to compensate them shortage of pollen? (VI Shvets, a Semipolki, Brovary district, Kyiv region.).

ANSWER. Bees metabolize protein and other substances are very few nutritious foods: yeast (baker’s, brewer), cow’s milk, soy flour is partially exposed to high temperatures during its degreasing.

Giving application is recommended in the following ways. To prepare the yeast feeding fresh baker’s yeast taken from the rate of 50 grams per 600 grams of sugar and 3 cups water. Sugar pour water "And boil for 2-3 minutes. Then, 50

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Fugazi: The real major threat.

Музыкально Fugazi резко отличались от своего прототипа Minor Threat. Последние играли сверхскоростной монотонный двухаккордный хардкор, причем настолько успешно, что в одной британской рок-энциклопедии было заявлено “если вы не слышали Minor Threat, то вы никогда не слышали хардкор!». Надо сказать, что в этих словах есть изрядная доля правды. Не говоря уже о том, что из под пера… точнее из под струн Minor Threat вышла знаменитая композиция ‘Straight Edge’, положившая начала стрейт-еджеровскому движению, в которое включились панки, проповедующие здоровый образ жизни — без наркотиков, алкоголя, секса и прочей полезной дребедени. На сегодня самым знаменитым стрейт-еджером является пресловутый Генри Роллинз. После развала Minor

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Fenced off armor plate.

Let me remind you, the heat exchanger — a flywheel engine, from which the bus can one promotion place a few dozen or even a hundred kilometers. Untwisted flywheel energy expended, in particular for braking the bus. Now it is not dissipated as heat, and returns to the useful work adds momentum «gyroscope».

Which will contribute to the realization of this idea? «Non-standard», so if assemble the heat exchanger of the serial components and assemblies! Let it will be a little worse than ours, experienced …

Such a heat exchanger, but not flywheel and gidrogazovy offered Muscovites VG and

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В процессе работы над новым альбомом ‘Stomp 442’ из Anthrax неожиданно был уволен гитарист Дэйв Спитц! Наиболее вероятная замена — гитарный техник Спитца Пол Крук.

Грустная весть: 21 апреля попал в автокатастрофу и 23 апреля скончался Карл Элберт, вокалист сан-францисской пауэр-металлической легенды Vicious Rumours.

Беда не ходит одна: великий ирландский блюзовый гитарист Рори Галлахер умер 14 июня в лондонском госпитале по причине осложнений после операции по пересадке печени.

Оззи Осборн все же выпускает свой долгожданный альбом ‘Ozmosis’. Хотя альбом записывался вместе с Закком Уайлдом, Джизером Батлером и Дином Кастроновой. в турне с группой поедет гитарист Джо Холмс (экс-Driver, David Lee

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Frankly, we did not originally intend to write about the Enclave. The idea of ​​this game was the presentation is elegant and simple: print more carefully selected screenshots, accompanied by intriguing caption: "Guess what it is: Blade of Darkness Rune 2 or 2?". Winning this kind of competition is quite could get a six-month subscription to the magazine. Alas, it did not work — dear editors considered the issue unrealistically complicated.

Indeed, confused Enclave one of these games easy. Familiar prospect of a third person, native "medieval" environment, great piercing-cutting tools in the hands of the protagonists and this, sorry,

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