Experience Sony Balanced Armature Headphones.

Music is personal. Everyone has their own tastes, their own preferences on sound quality and audio delivery, matching music to their own lifestyles. To meet these diverse needs, Sony called on its decades-rich history of audio innovation to design a new range of 11 high performance XBA personal audio solutions to match every situation and satisfy every listening style.

Small Size, Big Music

These new in-ear XBA headphones feature the world’s only Made in Japan Balanced Armature driver specifically optimized for music enjoyment. Sony Balanced Armature type drivers are a quarter of the size of regular 13.5mm Dynamic Drivers, but capable of delivering a wide frequency range, excellent transient response, great sensitivity, and a highly nuanced sound experience. What docs all this mean for you?

The XBA-1 delivers great music that’s suited for everyday listening using a single full-range Balanced Armature driver. For more oomph, the XBA-2 features dual drivers for powerful bass in additional to clear vocal reproduction. For music enthusiasts looking for great sounding bass and brightly detailed highs, there is the XBA-3. which adds a tweeter driver to the mix. True audiophiles looking for premium music enjoyment have the flagship XBA-4. which sports four Balanced Armature units, each handling the responsibilities of woofer, super woofer, tweeter and a full range driver, delivering ultra rich, expressive music on all frequencies.

Versatile Performance

Sony extends the Balanced Armature experience not just for different listening styles, but also to different listening situations. The water-resistant, sweat-resistant, and washable XBA-S65, for example, is a perfect match for an active sports lifestyle.

All four ХВA-1iP to XBA-4iP headphones can handle voice and smartphone functionality with ease, with models designed for Apple device compatibility. If you don’t have an iPhone, Sony’s wireless Bluetooth headset, the XBA-BT75 integrates the battery and control 1С chip into the earphone housing, making this one of the most compact wireless Bluetooth headsets around.

Discerning travelers aren’t left out, as the XBA-NC85D combines the micro-sized Made in Japan Balanced Armature driver units with a power saving integrated DNC processor. The XBA-NC85D is also one of the world’s smallest and lightest Digital Noise-Canceling headphone given its box-free design. Whether you’re on a plane or the train, it’s now easier than ever to block out ambient noise, enjoying your music at the highest fidelity.

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