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Genre Comprehensive car simulator


West Racing

Tell me, how do you see the perfect car simulator? Imagine that there is no such thing as a «budget», «expensive», «very heavy», the «problem» … Let’s just dream. So, how do you think he will? Go ahead!

— Of course, it will be beautiful. — Oh yeah. — Cars will be very real. — Of course. — Physics is so fancy that, just like in life. — Of course. — The sound is beautiful, energetic, and indistinguishable from the real. — No problem. — Will be modeled all-all buttons and switches. — Of course! — There will be a «formula» of sorts, rally, karting and in general all racing cars. — Where do without it! — There will be cars of any era, old, modern and ancient. — Truly so! — Online, people will take place riders, team pit stop, managers, engineers, or simply spectators. — Without fail!

(All restrictions have been lifted and gradually you begin to enjoy.)

Identical machines will not have kazh-doy — its history, its own technical characteristics, wear de hoists, replace them … After the collision, the car «Formula» takes off from the asphalt and gets stuck in the gravel, we got out of the car and go on foot to the pits , examining if the road runs through the city streets, in Monte Carlo, balconies of houses and flowers on the windowsill; so we gradually come to life after a terrible dressing, arranged just command the command of radio — they are, of course, wildly angry, because crippled unique machine, which invested so much human labor …

Just do not think that the reporter is too hot on the ill-MOS-bank sun and fell into a severe attack of delirium. Although all of the above-listed are not implemented yet, Vano in any game, it’s all quite seriously promised. Honestly! The project is called the Racing Legends and initially frankly scares the global, while causing many doubts in their viability. All sorts of machines. Raznoobrazneyshietrassy. Credibility of this, where no human foot trod virtual. How are they going to cope with this task?

It is expected that the project will be «evolving.» Basic igrokomp- Lect will be sold at a huge price (I think, do not be mistaken if I say on three-valued) and include uncertainty tion until the number of tracks and cars (Do-tsenzirovanie — not an easy thing for an independent developer). For the basic set-Xia will be releasing expansion packs. Both paid and the devil. A list of planned updates inspires awe: here and interactive pit stops (wait for it !!), and telemetry in real (!) Times, and a garage, and a set of «Pace Car, commissioners and emergency gang» and the aerodynamic kit as much from labor-fight (unheard of!) in the lead, and that’s not counting the banal thematic sets of «machine-runs.»

Before our eyes once again turned over the world. Needless to govo-verify that publishers shy away from such a project, so buy all this splendor will be possible only on the website of the developers? In such cases, it decided to declare: «But no one will be able to cancel our game.»

(And their last game, World Sports Cars, perhaps the most anticipated racing simulator myi last year abolished the Empire Interactive. And the game while already lived and breathed, Internet seething screenshots and videos of it …)

Yes, no one … except yourself. Post-cpm wood.

When to expect? «When it’s ready,» of course! WU


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