Not far from Moscow

Not far from Moscow

Recently in the press there are articles in which the authors argue that growing cities are a major cause of impoverishment ohotfauny. Is it so?

Last year, this writer had a chance to meet one of the hunting dawns three weeks after the opening of the summer-autumn hunting. It was a cool September morning, and in the autumn a long roll off the meadow fluffy carpet of fog. Somehow I do not believe that in this period, when the flight of northern ducks has not started yet, partly local shoot, and the rest is kept strong places and rarely rises on the wing, another possible meeting with the game. But the fog lifted, revealing the distance, and fermenting the heart of hunters, here and there shots rang out — began hunting … gathered ten o’clock on base hunters were pleased: almost all of them fulfilled the norm of shooting. And it is in the middle of September! Where are these lands?

Vinogradov Agriculture Council military hunters located not somewhere far away from the cities, and only 70 km from Moscow, from where it can be reached by train little over an hour, and 8 km from the city of chemists Voskresensk, with a population approaching 100 thousand. people around the economy, its boundaries are another 7 villages and towns, three of which — the railway station. From north to south through the center of the land, dividing them almost in half, there is a road with concrete pavement. Area of ​​hunting grounds of the economy is relatively small — only about 6 thousand hectares. Types of land which is divided into shallow, overgrown lakes and ponds area of ​​166.8 ha (3% of the total), deep lakes and ponds — 142.6 ha (2% ), arable land — 1551.2 ha (26%), meadows — 3564.8 ha (60%), other land — 478.2 hectares

(9%). Total — 5903.6 ha.

And now, despite these rather unfavorable conditions for the reproduction of life and game, in the hunting lease in 1970 it was taken into account alone ducks of various kinds 3500 pcs., Not counting the numerous swampy meadow Game: snipe, grouse, corncrake, ruff, a small tailed Godwit, quail and partridge. In the same 1970 has been extracted (for credentials) an average of 1.7 head of game one man-day. How can we explain such a high level of saturation in the land wild birds Vynohradiv Hunting lease? Cause only one thing — proper hunting management: planned a complex of biotechnical measures, the daily struggle against poaching, extensive propaganda among adults and students the principles of respect for nature and its inhabitants, a careful selection of personnel in the Chasseurs composition and involvement to protect hunting grounds of the local hunting community .

A bit of history. Land for fixed Vinogradov economy Mosoblsoveta decision of the executive committee in 1933. From that time until 1960 Vinogradov land, located in the floodplain. Moscow and crosses the river Nerskaya River were «duck paradise», there were 10 — 12 thousand. Teeming with ducks and so-called fines. Since 1960, in the meadows have started irrigation works, the purpose of which was the descent of water from the meadows in a particularly rough years, and its suspension — in the dry. Unfortunately, our plans were transformed into reality. It was dug canals and ditches intended only for drying, so that part of the lake disappeared completely, many have become shallow, and the duck began to leave the land. Things have gone so far that in 1965 the question arose on closing of this economy, it does not provide hunting. But, fortunately, it did not happen. It did not happen, partly because at that time hunting lease new chief was appointed AF Kondrashov — a great enthusiast and endlessly in love with the man hunt. Alexei Fedorovich, past the war and has 12 government awards, from the first days of arrival in the farm with his usual energy was able to organize the work so that today even Seme of the question should be whether or not it seem at least ridiculous.

Now the state of the economy, except for the chief, four permanent and four seasonal rangers, recruited for 3 months (during the summer-autumn hunting), and 1 maintenance worker. The central station is hunting in the village. Claps five walls in the large log cabin. The capacity of the station — and 12 people per day. The hunting season is an additional lease for another 5 — 6 stopping points and the number of hunters serviced increased to 35 — 45 people. Of the vehicles in the household, one motor and 5 simple boats.

For none of the hunters is no secret that after the first two or three days of hunting ducks disappear from the land. In Vynohradiv economy is not so — here the local duck lasts until mid-October. This became possible after the best land in the amount of 1600 ha, ponds teeming with good forage base, were set aside for reserve. It is already after the first day of hunting is moved not only local duck, but the one that departs from other farms where there is no reliable places to hide from the all-seeing eye of hunters. It is interesting to watch and it is time for the flocks of ducks flying over the reserve. Approaching its borders, if they encounter an obstacle not see with our eyes and turn back.

For several years, as the guns are silent hunters of the spring floods, and it would seem wise to keep a stool pigeons — some trouble and expense. But the farm decided in another way: it does not matter that hunting is closed, stool pigeons used to produce broods, and then let the cubs in the land. Some of them remained on the farm for the winter-freezing river. Moscow. So, in the winter of 1970/1971 15 kryakovyh ducks were not willing to part with a nesting place and waited for spring days.

Of great importance for the conservation of clutches of eggs and young have timely fight against avian and four-legged predators. Jaeger was only in 1970 were shot in the grounds of 160 crows and magpies, 5 raccoon dogs. According to the observation of workers economy, a lot of help and repelling birds of prey have settled in lands seagulls that the sight of a crow or magpie, arrange a real raid, attacking them and driving out of the nesting sites.

On the territory of Vynohradiv economy many lakes. The largest of them — Large Lyubyn, Swan, Pobezhnoe, Spassky, Old Moscow, Hat and others. However, it is surprising that these lakes have not yet been assigned to the economy, which certainly complicates the fight against poachers, fishermen, some of which comes not so much on fishing as for those appearing to catch ducks offspring. Has secured the lake, the economy could be shut down fishing on this relatively short period, maintaining and increasing the number of broods game. The Council should address this issue and the sooner the better.

Many of the water bodies, except for the natural vegetation, mainly represented by sedge, Manica, Canadian waterweed, etc., Are covered with thickets of Canadian rice (Tuscarora). Only in the past seven years in the waters of farms sowed about 650 kg of this wonderful annual plant, creating excellent shelter and food base in the area around & ha. Vinogradov economy is now the main supplier of rice seeds for the Canadian economy VVOO (annually collect and send up to 300 kg of seeds).

A few words about the experience of breeding this culture in this sector. Canadian figure should be sown in areas with quiet water as the surf and strong currents very negative impact than its germination. Depth of planting 0.2 — 0.9 m. The soil is desirable soft: silt, clay or peat. Any treatment before and after the bottom of the seeding is required. Seeding can be carried out immediately after seed collection (in the middle lane — the beginning of September). Seeding rate varies depending on the desired crop density from 10 to 100 kg per 1 hectare. Promorazhivvemost reservoirs in seed germination is not affected. Dilution of Canadian culture rice must be borne in mind that its seeds rather quickly lose their germination in dry storage.

Conservation of Wildlife in favor of the hunters are required to well-established and combat all forms of poaching — from collecting eggs to exceedances shooting. And here are the results: in 1967 — 52 cases, in 1968 — 48 1969 — 42 1970 — 30. Of course, these figures are even higher. But they say that poachers from bitter experience are starting to realize the futility of breaking the rules of hunting in Vynohradiv sector, where this is followed Jaeger-up, community-hunt inspectors sent by the Board and the military group of hunters to combat poaching. As it turned out, the main perpetrators are hunters Resurrection district society in which, unfortunately, did not take proper measures to poachers. As is known, such an indifferent attitude in the best case leads to further violations, and at worst — to tragic outcomes. For example, a hunter from the village. Novlyanskoye VA Korneev repeatedly detained without the permit for hunting in the grounds, fined, but not in the primary team or the district OOiR question about his poaching was never delivered. As a result, Wanton bully, who would long ago have had to remove the gun from him opened fire on villagers, and then shot himself. Appropriate farm workers’ claims to the Administrative Commission at the village councils, which sometimes even without knowing the harm being caused by poachers, they endure unreasonably mild punishment in the form of a small fine.

One of the main causes of poaching, says AF Kondrashov is drunkenness. According to him, the hunter, who was arrested in favor of at least twice in a drunken state, should be fined and denied the right to hunt for at least a year, and in repeated occasions — at all times, with a mandatory withdrawal of the gun.

The protection of land participated 25 public hunt inspectors from local hunters. The best of them — KP Kolgatin VS Lobutev, PI Murashov and IA Berezkin is both a seasonal ranger, crawled as rangers and staff of ID Shcheulin, enjoy visiting hunters coming. Both of the latter do their difficult and dangerous work for more than 30 years.

Do not forget the farm and propaganda, without the help of the local newspaper, and school teachers-biologists who learned to inoculate school children a love of nature.

To all It should be added that the farm every year from May to the end of July to test and train 15 80 — 20 Pointing Dogs. Some societies prohibit hunters and this time nataska and testing. Experience Vynohradiv economy shows that these activities can be carried out. Of course, one must be familiar hunting ground and to give space to work with dogs edali from the main nesting game.

Great help in the proper game management provides military advice hunters. For example, in 1968, it was conducted ohotustroystvo which carried the staff of the Board — a senior game manager AV Sitsko game manager and AA Schagolea. Based ohotustroystva developed a promising five-year plan provides for measures to ensure the increase in the numbers game.

Thus, from all this it is clear that, with the right attitude to ohotfaune, its amount even close to big cities such as Moscow, can not be reduced, and grow from year to year. It is the duty of every hunter, every citizen — in every way to facilitate this.

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