One’s mind

One's mind

Men think about sex a lot. Approximately every 8 seconds.

What they think about it? We asked all the friends, and even strangers, and many have learned their secret thoughts. We tell!

Zero experience

50% of men believe their virginity drawback: it looks like the joke about the «vegetarian — bad hunter.» These guys think that if they have not yet moved into the camp «already», then was not able to win the girls. They begin to worry about it, … and all turns are not as good as it could when long mentally prepared for their first time, it may take a little more complicated than in the case if it happened spontaneously. If a guy told you that he never had sex, try not to give it much importance — not interested, «Why?», Do not admire his naive trembling soul, and especially not to laugh at him. Related to the issue of peace — in the end, the situation is completely remedied.

Good girl vs. bad

30% of guys are afraid of your inexperience, about 25% — a turbulent past. If you are «presented» his virginity, they are, in a sense you have. But in the second case, the guys are not fighting for the moral and ethical image of a girlfriend, and worry that it will not be able to surprise. Do not start a relationship with the loss of virginity, or be disappointed in a guy who maybe was to continue not ready. First, determine the seriousness of your intentions, and then go to the next level. Well, if you’re more experienced it, do not dwell on this.

Ready — not ready

65% of men admitted that they may postpone having sex if you just honestly admit that is not ready. And even better — just say what they expect (and hope you do). 80% of guys just get angry when she openly flirts, and then plays hard to get! «I thought we were just friends.» It’s illegal hold — and be honest with him and with him. If you love to play hot — cold, do not be surprised when the guy you to present a sexy ultimatum — should not have to wave under the nose of a hot steak hungry cat.

Alta male

Over 60% of men think that the rich love life are their trump card. 35% believe that presenting a record of sex list, they will be in your eyes more attractive. Most ML believe that their experience for you -guarantee not only the quality but also the security means in the bed you have nothing to fear. It is believed that the experience of pecking is not very experienced girl.

But 25% of guys think that you do not care that they were before you. And they are almost right: Male own experiences are concerned much more than you and me. On the one hand you can always play along with the male ego («You must be an experienced, right?»), And on the other — can choose a wise policy decision («It has been»). As practice shows, it is not in his or your experience, and the guy in you. Sexologists say that is not the best experience acquired in separate bedrooms, and in one — no matter how many women he had before you may be, you are a very special (and everyone else).

The Knight

60% of guys love your initiative (under it they mean no hard sadism, but only that you are not afraid of their desires and expresses them to him). Most of the guys admitted that they are incredibly excited when they arrange girlfriend sexy surprises. However, with one amendment: for if this does not cost anything. Pleasure to be for fun — 50% of men can not stand when girls offer it in exchange for a relationship. It’s easy as ABC if you want sex, that’s enough to do it. But it is not a substitute for the concept: it is — is not love, not a relationship and flirting.

It’s just sex.


The survey, which involved 90 boys, showed that 20% of the bed like your violent reaction to their actions -nezhnost 15%, 65% like to look at you. 20% of boys admitted that they love when a girl dominates. The rest did not rule out, but do not want this practice became a habit. 70% of guys are willing to take care of your safety. 80% of boys considered ideal sex love.

Better without details

70% of men would prefer to be temporarily deaf when you talk about his amorous adventures. The details of personal life (and in extreme cases-even your personal life girlfriend) called to them, and jealousy, and anger (talking about his demand, you are, in their opinion, stuffing your price). Especially guys do not like it when you criticize the former — it does not raise their self-esteem, but rather frightening. But 11% of men admit that «hot story» of their only warm up and they love to listen to them, until they played out a fantasy and they are ready to compete with the «third wheel». If you still want to share memories, girlfriends ears quite realize this need. Nerves Man store for other conversations: at least that was touted as something that I would like to try.

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